Insurance Requirements

For the protection of your organization and the school district, building users are required to provide insurance. The insurance must be a comprehensive general liability insurance policy naming the Lake Washington School District as an additional insured. The policy shall be primary and written with limits of $1,000,000, combined single limits per occurrence.

Certificate of insurance guidelines

A certificate of insurance is required when the building, grounds, or stadium are being used by the following groups and / or organizations:

  • Any non-profit youth or adult organizations, including national, state, county, city and local agencies, i.e., PTSA, Girls Club, Boys Club, Scots, community clubs, League of Women voters, and senior citizen groups. Any group brought in by a non-profit group also needs to provide insurance.
  • Universities, colleges and churches.
  • Organized sporting events such as basketball camps, exercise classes, soccer leagues and Little Leagues.
  • Large groups with 100 or more people in attendance, and professional entertainment organizations, i.e., plays, concerts, etc.

Certificates are not required for:

  • General meetings held in classrooms.
  • School-sponsored clubs or activities.

The certificate of insurance must indemnify and save harmless the Lake Washington School District No. 414, the school board, district employees and volunteers from any and all claims, liabilities, damages or rights of action directly growing out of the use of the premises.

For more information or questions, contact:
Lake Washington School District Risk Management Office
P.O. Box 97039, Redmond, WA 98073
phone: 425-936-1119