Love the Environment, Ride Your Bike, be Healthy

As Earth Day approaches, Rose Hill Elementary staff, alumni and community members took a moment to honor a former teacher, who was also a strong advocate for protecting our environment. Cass Avery was a teacher at Rose Hill Elementary for over 10 years.

Groundbreaking ceremony at Peter Kirk Elementary School

We are Peter Kirk!” Students sang enthusiastically during the ceremonial groundbreaking for Peter Kirk Elementary School on March 30. The new building will house 690 students and is expected to open in September 2019.

School Library Month in LWSD

Throughout April, librarians across the district will hold special events in celebration of School Library Month.



Stadium Fees

Hourly rental rates for stadium use

Stadium Fees Hourly Rental Rates – 2017-18* School Year
Group IGroup IIGroup IIIGroup IVGroup
Group VI**
Field lights03434343434
Locker room (each)02323465757
Official's locker room01111343434
Scoreboard equipment02323344646
Public address system02323465757
Yard markers/flags01111344646
Gate keys028282828


Supply Fee: A supply fee may be charged for users in Groups II through Groups VI based on group requirements.

Energy Surcharge: An energy surcharge of $6 will be added to the field lights hourly rates for users in Groups II through Groups VI.

Labor Charges: Actual labor costs for custodial, scoreboard operator, etc. will be billed to the user based on the service required, including all overtime and mandatory fees required under applicable collective bargaining agreements or contracts governing such employee groups.

*Rates will be automatically increased each year by the increase in the Seattle area Consumer Price Index.
**Group VI rates are for use approved by the Board of Directors / Superintendent.