Choice Transfers

Public school students in Washington state may request a transfer from their “resident” district, where they live, to attend school in another public school district, where they do not reside. This is known as a Choice Transfer.

How to transfer out of Lake Washington School District

We are sorry to see you go but understand that sometimes individual students need specific programs this district does not offer. To attend school in another public school district, you must apply for a transfer.

How to transfer into Lake Washington School District

Lake Washington School District has a very limited number of spaces available for students living outside the district. These transfers are approved on a space available basis, after transfers within the district have been accommodated. Please check the Open Schools list to determine if the school you are interested in is open for Choice Transfers. Requests to closed schools will be automatically denied.

Inter-District Agreements

Inter-district Agreements are different than Choice Transfers. An Inter-district Agreement application/form is required when a student is requesting shared enrollment between LWSD and another WA State public school district with whom we have an established agreement.

For more information on transfers between districts, contact at 425-936-1200.