Transfer Options

Moving or leaving Lake Washington School District over the summer?

If you are withdrawing from the Lake Washington School District, please let us know by sending an email with the following information to

  • Student first name and last name
  • Student birthdate
  • Lake Washington school your student is currently attending
  • Name of school (public, private or home) your student will be attending

Families should also return LWSD student district laptops, power cords or books to the district Resource Center located at 16250 N.E. 74th St. in Redmond Town Center, Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Want to attend a different school than the one in your neighborhood?

Lake Washington School District offers three options to parents who are looking for alternatives to their assigned neighborhood school.

Choice Schools

One option is to investigate Choice Schools, which are open to residents from all over the district. Each choice school has an application process. The Choice School section has more information on applying to choice schools, as well as information on each school. Parents must provide transportation for their student who attends a Choice School.

In-District Variance (Transferring schools within Lake Washington School District)

Another option is to receive an approved variance to another school in the Lake Washington School District, known as an In-District Variance. You can apply for an In-District Variance to any school within the district that has been determined to be "Open." Please note that at the Elementary Level, though a school may be identified as "Open," there may be grade levels within the school that are at enrollment capacity and those grade levels may be "Closed." Applications to these schools are not guaranteed acceptance. Refer to the Open Schools List to determine whether a school you may be interested in is available for an In-District Variance request.

Choice Transfers (Transferring from resident district/school to another public school district/school)

Public school students in Washington state may request a transfer from their “home” district, where they reside, to attend school in another public school district, where they do not reside. This is known as a Choice Transfer, also sometimes referred to as an out-of-district or between-district transfer.