Summer Programs


    Report cards will be mailed home the week of August 5. If you do not receive your student’s report card or your student’s home school does not have record of summer classes once school begins in September, please have your school counselor contact the Summer School registrar at


    It was mandatory summer school students return the laptop and power cord which was signed out to them for 2019 Summer School by August 2. If they did not bring their laptop and power cord in after classes were over, their laptop can be returned to the Redmond High School main office and placed in the marked bin after August 19. Or they can be returned to the District Office/L.E. Scarr Resource Center in Redmond Town Center. If returning to the District Office, please ask for HelpDesk at the front reception counter and let them know you are returning a device from summer school.

    Information for 2020 Summer School will be posted once it becomes available after the first of the year.


    Summer Programs Information

    WANIC Programs

    WANIC Summer Skills Academy High School Programs (Incoming grades 9-12)

    Contact Information:
    WANIC Office

    Please visit for WANIC High School Summer Skills Academy Program Information.

    Invitation Only Programs

    High School Invitational Credit Retrieval Program (Grades 9-12)


    Intervention Programs supports high school students who need to recover credit in core subjects. Students participating will potentially have the capability to recover credit for multiple courses, and they can choose to participate in morning and/or afternoon sessions. Students are invited by counselor recommendation to take part in this program.

    Students invited by Intervention Services do not register using the paper catalog registration form or the standard online registration form. Students will register for this program through their counselors. 

    Contact Information:
    Linda Grosvenor (

    High School English Learners (Grades 9-12)


    The program uses the English Language development curriculum, Inside, to develop academic literacy, writing, and vocabulary.

    Contact Information:
    Amanda Workman (

    Summer Bridge Academy (Grades 6-8)


    This half-day program is offered by invitation for current 6th – 8th graders who are not yet proficient readers.

    Contact Information:
    Linda Grosvenor (

    Middle School Prep - Current 5th grade students entering 6th grade in Fall 2019


    The half-day program will include lessons on leadership, the first sixth grade mathematics unit, and the development of reading fluency and comprehension through classic literature. Students are invited by teacher recommendation.

    Contact Information:
    Maureen Layton (

    Elementary English Language Learners (Grades K-5)


    The program uses science content to build academic vocabulary and concepts through hands-on learning, journaling, reading, writing, and speaking.

    Contact Information:
    Nichole Rodriguez (

    Elementary Summer Literacy Academy Invitational Program (Grades K-2)


    Our Elementary Summer Literacy Academy focuses on building foundational literacy skills. Students are invited by teacher recommendation.

    Contact Information:
    Maureen Layton (

    Title 1 Elementary Invitational Program (Grades K-4)


    The program focuses on building academic skills in reading, writing and math. Students are invited by teacher recommendation. 

    Contact Information:
    Cynthia Cantwell (

    Extended School Year (ESY) IEP-Determined Special Education Program (Grades PreK-12)

    The procedural safeguards, your rights as a parent, are available here.

    Contact Information:
    On-Site Coordinator
    Laura Anderson

    Debbie Wagner 
    Katie McAllister

    Student solves equation during Algebra Prep Summer School