Holocaust art contest

Nearly 600 students in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska put together inspiring work at this year’s Holocaust Center for Humanity (HCH) contest. Out of all those entries, four Nikola Tesla STEM High School students placed in the top three. This year’s “Celebrating Life: 2022 Holocaust Writing, Art, and Film Contest,” put on by HCH, challenges students to explore the history and stories of the Holocaust. 



    Summer Programs 2022

    Elementary and high school registration: May 26 - June 24
    WANIC summer semester application opens April 19

    2022 LWSD Summer Programs include in-person Elementary School Core and Enrichment Camps, in-person High School Core, in-person WANIC Summer Semester and High School DigiPen, and remote High School Accelerated Math courses. The accelerated math courses allow students to move more quickly through the LWSD math pathways resulting in higher-level math options in their junior and senior years of high school.

    We will be offering 2022 summer programs primarily to support students in grades K-3 who are not reading at grade level, for high school students who may need additional credits towards on-time graduation, and for students who need special education services.

    Summer program models

    High School Accelerated Math courses (Accelerated Algebra 1 and Accelerated Geometry) will be conducted remotely with ongoing support from certificated and classified staff. Both periods must be attended. 

    The Intervention Invitation-Only High School Credit Retrieval Program will be supported in person with certificated staff. Students will attend a.m., p.m., or both.

    Online registration forms

    Elementary core academics and enrichment programs (fee-based programs)


    High school core academics and accelerated math programs (fee-based programs)


    WANIC summer semester


    Intervention programs (invitation only)


    Special Education (invitation only)