Summer Programs


    Our Core Academic Programs and Enrichment Camps deadline for registration has been moved up to Thursday, June 17, 2021 in order to ensure staffing. 

    (Please note: if Core Academic classes and/or Enrichment Camps have low enrollment, they may be canceled.)

    Technology issues during the summer? Students should contact their summer school teacher or Family Technology Access Support at | 425-936-1322

    2021 Summer Programs including in-person Elementary Core and Enrichment Camps, High School WANIC, remote High School Accelerated Math courses and a limited number of High School Core classes.

    Due to the extended school closures, we will be offering 2021 summer programs primarily to support students in grades K-3 who are not reading at grade level, for high school students who may need additional credits towards on-time graduation, and for students who need Special Education Services.

    An exception will be the accelerated math courses that allow students to move more quickly through the LWSD math pathways resulting in higher-level math options in their junior and senior years of high school.

    Another exception is a limited number of in-person high school core classes will be offered.

    In order to meet CDC guidelines, our summer Elementary Core, Elementary Enrichment camps and High School Core class sizes will be limited this year. Once these classes have reached capacity, further registration will close and names will be put on a waiting list. You will be notified if your student is chosen from the waitlist.

    Summer Programs Models

    High School Accelerated Math courses will be conducted mainly remotely with ongoing support from certificated and classified staff. The High School Credit Recovery/FuelEd Program will be supports in person with certificated staff. Students will attend a.m., p.m. or both.

    Core Academics and Enrichment Programs


    Intervention Programs (Invitation Only)

    Special Education (Invitation only)