LWHS capitol visit SB 5171

Students in Lake Washington High School’s AP US Government & Politics classes get first-hand experience in the legislative process. As part of the class, students crafted Senate Bill (SB) 5171, which bans gender-based price discrimination on similar products

Last day of school remains Friday, June 23

Redmond, Wash. – Lake Washington School District (LWSD) has finalized plans to make up for the one day missed due to the November 30 snow day. The 2022-23 calendar has been modified to reflect this change:  

  • Tuesday, May 30: change from a non-school day to a full day for students



    StudentSquare (High School students only)


    Teachers and families will begin using the ParentSquare communication tool in fall 2022. In addition to the tool for families, there's a tool for high school students inside ParentSquare called StudentSquare. It’s for teachers and school staff to communicate directly with high school students, and for high school students to communicate directly with their teachers.

    Each high school student automatically has an account in StudentSquare based on their email address. Students receive messages via email, but there are other ways to get StudentSquare messages: students can add their cell number to receive text messages, or they can download the StudentSquare app (iOS and Android) and receive notifications.

    LWSD StudentSquare is a communication and organization tool designed to keep students informed and involved in their classes and extracurricular activities. It provides:

    • All school, classroom and group communication in one place
    • Notifications via app, text, and/or email
    • The ability to send direct messages to teachers or coaches

    Here are the steps to set-up StudentSquare for high school students

    Download the StudentSquare app

    Download the FREE StudentSquare app for iOS or Android. This is the easiest way for you to receive all Posts, Events, Sign Up Requests, Photos and Files. You can enable text notifications when a message is posted.  

    Use the camera on your phone to scan the QR codes below - it takes you directly to the App or Google Play store.

    App Store (iOS)

    StudentSquare QR code - apple

    Google Play Apps (Android)

    StudentSquare QR Android

    Log in to your StudentSquare account

    Your school has created your account using the email and/or phone number they have on record for you. In most cases, your school has assigned you an email address or they may use Google for account access.

    After you download and install the StudentSquare app to your device, you can either enter your school email address or phone number in the top area or use the Sign in with Google option to begin. You can also sign in using the website.

    Once you are logged in, you can access help articles for more information on navigating and using StudentSquare. 

    StudentSquare website sign in