Rose Hill Middle School


    Courses & Credits

    Students in middle school take six classes per day (total of 6 credits for the year).

    Yearlong class = 2 Semesters = 1 Credit
    Semester class = 1 Semester = 0.5 Credit

    When Choosing Electives:

    • Elective classes are great opportunities to try new content areas, skills, and creative courses within the school day.
    • Students should carefully consider their preferences, as changes may not be possible after registration is completed.
    • Year-long Electives count as 2 Elective requests (1.0 credit)
    • Students registering for 7th and 8th grade should select five (5) different electives. If students do not select alternates, they may be placed in any open elective.
    • Our school counselors make every effort to honor your child’s top elective requests. However, we cannot guarantee your student will receive their top two choices. Teacher availability, master scheduling, classroom capacity, enrollment capacity, and flexibility in a specific child’s daily schedule impact class availability.
    • Some students might be placed in support class, in lieu of an elective or Fitness class, depending on state test scores and/or academic performance.