One of just 50 schools across the country with this distinction

Redmond, Wash. – Ella Baker Elementary in Redmond has been recognized as a National School of Character. This is the first time a school from Washington state has been recognized with this award. The recognition comes from, an organization dedicated to empowering people of all ages to practice and model core values.



    Eastlake High School

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    Eastlake Mission: Developing the character and intellectual strengths for individual and shared success.

    Eastlake Values

    • Intellectual strengths such as curiosity, creativity, and effective communication
    • Personal attributes such as authenticity, integrity, and responsibility
    • Interpersonal attributes such as empathy, teamwork, and service
    • Growth through initiative, work ethic, perseverance, and reflection
    • Justice through equity and inclusion of diverse lived experiences
    • Balancing competition and ambition with gratitude and wellness

    Chris Bede - Principal
    Todd Apple - Associate Principal
    Darcie Breynaert - Associate Principal
    Sumeyye Cardakli - Associate Principal
    Josh Trimmell- Dean of Students

      Counseling Department  
      Stephanie Bailey
    Tessa D’Alessandro
    Paula Olson   
    Yvette Cook
    Brett Muskavage          

    Melanie Conroy 
    Cameron Miller
    Shawna Beresford
    Chase Covington