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  • Dual College Credit
SCI703/SCI704 - UW Astronomy (Astronomy 101)
2 Semesters 1 Credit Fulfills: Science

Prerequisite: completion of or concurrent enrollment in chemistry

This course offers a unique opportunity to earn UW college credit in a specialized science. Students who successfully complete the course (with a C or higher) earn 5 college-quarter credits in science. Astronomy 101 is an exploration of the history of astronomy; the elementary physics of motion and gravity; the physics of light and what we can “read” from light spectra of distant objects; telescopes and how we make observations in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. These topics set the foundation for studying the evolution of stars, galaxies, black holes, pulsars, quasars and the universe as a whole. We end with a discussion of how we are trying to detect other solar systems and how we continue the search for extraterrestrial life. This course also satisfies the UW exit requirement in Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (QSR).

  • Eastlake High School
  • Lake Washington High School