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MSM951/MSM952 - Geometry
2 Semesters 1 Credit Fulfills: Math

Prerequisites: Algebra 1 credit earned

Students taking Geometry will:
(1) Use construction and congruence to discover theorems, develop formal proofs and solve problems about segments, angles and polygons;
(2)  Explore similarity and trigonometry using dilations, Pythagorean Theorem, and proportional reasoning;  
(3) Work with the geometry of two and three-dimensional shapes including cross-sections and rotations;
(4) Explore properties of special right triangles and quadrilaterals, slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines, and distance;
(5) Find and prove equations and basic theorems about circles;  
(6) Use geometric probability models to compute and interpret theoretical and experimental probabilities of compound, independent and dependent events.  

The Mathematical Practice Standards apply throughout the course. Students experience math as a coherent, logical subject that makes use of their ability to problem-solve.  

District adopted curriculum: Big Ideas Math  

  • Evergreen Middle School
  • Finn Hill Middle School
  • Inglewood Middle School
  • Kamiakin Middle School
  • Kirkland Middle School
  • Northstar Middle School
  • Redmond Middle School
  • Rose Hill Middle School
  • Stella Schola
  • Timberline Middle School