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MSX241/MSX242 - Elective Rotation
2 Semesters 1 Credit Fulfills: 

This class introduces students to the Kamiakin Middle School Elective Program and allows students to explore and discover what Kamiakin has to offer. Students will experience Art, Family and Consumer Sciences, STEM, and Kamiakin Prep. Each of these classes is one academic quarter in length, roughly 9 weeks long. At the end of each 9- week section students rotate to the next class with the same students. 

• 6th Grade Art Prep Elective (Part of the KaMS Elective rotation) 9 Weeks

This 9-week course is filled with projects focused on the foundations of art. Class activities will boost your critical thinking habits, grow your creativity, and develop your communication skills through making, writing, and talking about art. We will structure our learning of art through a variety of materials like paint and clay, a weekly Mystery Artist, and productive studio habits.

• 6th Grade Food Foundations Prep Elective (Part of the KaMS Elective rotation) 9 Weeks

Throughout our lives we develop a relationship with food. In this class, you will prepare an impressive variety of foods. Students exhibit initiative, organization, creativity, independence and personal responsibility. Topics covered include use of small and large appliances, lab planning and preparation skills, use of class time, measuring/mixing equipment/skills, teamwork, leadership and organizational skills.

• 6th Grade Intro to STEM (Part of the KaMS Elective rotation) 9 Weeks

In this nine-week quarterly exploration course students will be introduced to a variety of STEM content including flight science with gliders and bottle rockets, design and modeling with 3D pens, micro-computer programming and robotics.

• 6th Grade Middle School Prep Elective (Part of the KaMS Elective rotation) 9 Weeks

Study Skills courses prepare students for success in middle school. Course topics may vary according to the students involved, but typically include reading improvement skills, such as scanning, note-taking, and outlining; library and research skills; listening and note-taking; Social-Emotional skills such as emotional awareness, emotional management, and social awareness; vocabulary skills; and test- taking skills. The courses may also include exercises designed to generate organized, logical thinking and writing about oneself.

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