• 06
MSX241 - Grizzly Prep
1 Semester 0.5 Credit Fulfills: 

Taken the semester opposite 6th grade PE, this is a general education class taken by every 6th grader. The goal of the course is to help students build not only meaningful and positive relationships and connections with one another, but also equip them with foundational skills needed to be successful in middle school and beyond. Upon completion of the class, students will know how to use a planner, manage their time, and adequately prepare for tests depending on their preferred learning style. Students will also reflect on and determine who they are/who they want to be as an individual, as a learner, and as a member of our Grizzly community and larger society. Beyond that, students will analyze how their experiences have shaped them into who they are, how they act, and what they think. Students will also explore the Microsoft Office Suite. While this class does not give homework, students are expected to be intentional in applying what they learn to their life both in and outside of school.

  • Redmond Middle School