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MAT551/MAT552 - UW in High School Precalculus 120 (UW Precalculus)
2 Semesters 1 Credit Fulfills: Math

Prerequisite: Geometry and Algebra 2 credit earned

This year long course is a concurrent enrollment class. Courses offered through UWHS are official UW courses and therefore demand considerable work outside of the classroom. Students can earn both high school and college credit. The course covers basic properties of functions, graphs; with emphasis on linear, quadratic, trigonometric, rational, exponential, logarithmic functions and their inverses. Emphasis will be on multi-step problem solving through application problems. The cost of a UWHS course is $325, plus a $45 UW registration fee. The course fee covers the cost of all five credits. This total is approximately $65 per credit: less than half of campus tuition rates. Check with your college choices regarding acceptance of this credit. Course fee: $10 for textbook and materials. Prerequisite: Geometry and Algebra 2 credit earned.

  • Eastlake High School