• 09
  • CADR
  • Grade 9-11 Blocks
  • Honors/AP
YBK111 - Honors World History/English Literature
2 Semesters 2 Credits Fulfills: Contemporary World Problems

9th Honors Humanities block is for students who desire a complex and enriched curriculum that will prepare them for future advanced courses, and becoming a responsible global citizen. This course integrates Civics, Honors Social Studies and Honors English, offering a blended- approach of studying politics and global justice through a literature and historical lens. Using student-centered approaches, the course is based on challenging students to demonstrate their learning. Group collaboration, public speaking, and the successful completion of projects are essential to this course. Major projects include historical simulations, creative response projects, poetry recitation, and a group documentary project that is presented to a greater Seattle network.

  • Eastlake High School