• 12
  • Dual College Credit
  • Grade 12 English
ENG881/ENG882 - UW English Composition 131/UW Comparative Literature 240
2 Semesters 1 Credit Fulfills: English

UW English Composition 131

The course is designed to facilitate your development of critical academic writing skills that will help you become a successful writer in any discipline. We will focus on key transferable traits of “good writing” (and yes, we will define what this is). Using a framework that we will refer to as the outcomes, we will practice creating cohesive, complex and conscientious arguments rooted in detailed analysis. The overall theme is “American Ethnic English” (AEE). Our class will generally be organized around AEE and how authors employ, challenge, and define this term in relationships to power, culture, and identity. Our first sequence will move to critically engage more broadly with how power operates and its ties to culture and identity.

UW Comparative Literature 240 Margins and Centers: Who’s In, Who’s Out, and Why That Matters For All of Us (UW Comp - Margins) 

This class focuses on literature that will help us think about how people categorize each other on the basis of various social and biological features, including gender, race, ethnicity, language, citizenship status, sexuality, and ability. In all societies around the globe, some are part of the Center--often with status and the power to make and enforce rules--and some are relegated to the Margin--often with less power and subject to the rules and regulations that the Center dictates. These dynamics play out in terms of international relations between countries on the world stage, as well as in our own seemingly smaller lives with family and friends. What’s going on? Why does this keep happening? And what does this have to do with you and me? The novels we read this term will help us imagine people who might seem different from us, and provoke us to ask larger questions about identity, power, privilege, society and the role of culture in our lives. 1.5 hours of homework most nights. 

Students who opt to take this course for UW credit can receive 5 quarter hours for UW Eng. 131 first semester, and 5 for UW Comp Lit  240 second semester. Students buy their textbooks each semester and must take both semesters. A fee of $370 UW tuition is charged per semester for students enrolling for college credit.

  • Eastlake High School