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ART711/ART712 - 2D Art (2D Art 1)
2 Semesters 1 Credit Fulfills: Fine Art

Prerequisite: Art Foundation, middle school art, or previous art experience strongly recommended 

This visual art class is ideal for students with some previous art experience who want to develop their creativity and skills through engaging projects in drawing, painting, and 2-dimensional design. Learn the basics of composition to be able to create successful, eye-catching, and original work. We will work with a variety of art media: pencil, colored pencil, marker, collage, printmaking, pen & ink, oil pastels, charcoal, tempera paint, watercolor, and acrylic. Major units include: visual design, composition, realistic observational drawing, color theory, linear perspective, landscapes, portrait drawing, and personal expressionism. A sketchbook will be developed.

  • Eastlake High School