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ART521/ART522 - Advanced 3D Art (Sculpture 2)
2 Semesters 1 Credit Fulfills: Fine Art

Prerequisite: 3D Art (Sculpture 1) 

This class will build upon skills and techniques learned in 3D Art (Sculpture 1), while allowing students to further explore their creativity through original 3-dimensional works. Students will continue to study space through sculptural work utilizing a range of traditional and experimental 3D art media, while learning advanced techniques and creating more challenging forms. Through a mix of teacher and student-directed projects, students will continue to develop creative thinking skills and develop their artistic vision. Approximately half of the year will be focused on clay. Advanced clay techniques will be introduced as students continue to develop hand building skills. The pottery wheel will be introduced. Students will enhance their art vocabulary through writing and discussing their art and the art of others, as well as explore how to express and communicate their original ideas, messages, and feelings through visual art. A digital portfolio will be developed to document work throughout the year. 

  • Eastlake High School