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  • Dual College Credit
CDX301 - Microsoft Office Specialist I
1 Semester 0.5 Credit Fulfills: CTE

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) class provides the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and/or Outlook. This course is project-based and students will create business documents within each application. These projects will test skills as they would in the real world and validate their understanding of the Microsoft Office program functionality. This certification gives students an advantage as employers recognize, value, and hire MOS certified individuals. In addition to the development of technical skills, students will identify and practice workplace skills and professionalism throughout the course. 

Students who take this course may be able to earn a Microsoft Office Specialist certification.

  • Eastlake High School
  • Emerson High School
  • Juanita High School
  • Lake Washington High School
  • Redmond High School