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CDM913/CDM914 - AP Computer Science Principles
2 Semesters 1 Credit Fulfills: CTE & Math

AP Computer Science Principles is an introductory computing course that introduces students to the breadth of the field of computer science and the foundation of modern computing. Students learn to design and evaluate solutions and to apply computer science to solve problems through the development of algorithms and programs. They incorporate abstraction into programs and use data to discover new knowledge. Students also explain how computing innovations and computing systems—including the internet—work, explore their potential impacts, and contribute to a computing culture that is collaborative and ethical.  Students will use JavaScript to develop applications and learn general principles of algorithms and program design that apply to any programming language. No previous programming experience is required.

This course meets the Dual Credit Graduation Pathway.

  • Eastlake High School
  • Juanita High School
  • Lake Washington High School
  • Tesla STEM High School