Two smiling students participating in the middle school culinary competition

Shallots sizzle in the pan while tomatoes are chopped. The middle school cooking battle begins. Students from the middle schools in Lake Washington School District competed for culinary supremacy. 




    The forms, rules and information students need to participate in LWSD athletic programs

    The primary purpose of our secondary schools is to academically prepare students for graduation so they become productive citizens. However, Lake Washington School District (LWSD) is aware of the important role interscholastic athletics play in the development of students. Therefore, scholastic incentives have been established and are enforced for the educational and personal welfare of students who participate in athletics.

    As members of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA), LWSD must follow all minimum standards set by WIAA. However, the WIAA does allow districts to increase the requirements. The following LWSD Athletic Academic Eligibility Requirements replace the minimum requirements set forth in section 18.6.0 only of the WIAA Official Handbook. All other sections of the WIAA Handbook continue to apply.

    To be eligible to participate in any LWSD athletic program, a student must pay all fines, return all equipment/uniforms from previous sports and complete the following requirements:

    Maintain passing grades in all current subjects and have at least a 2.0 GPA from the previous semester

    • Due to varying student schedules, the following guidelines should be used. In order to participate in athletics, a student needs to be passing (note: a Running Start course will count as a regular class):
      • 4 classes in a 4 period schedule
      • 5 classes in a 5 period schedule
      • 6 classes in a 6 period schedule
    • Incomplete (I) grades are considered non-numerical grades. Students have 2 weeks to complete required work; if not, an F is issued and the student-athlete becomes ineligible.
    • Schools will monitor a student’s continued academic eligibility with periodic grade checks. Students deemed to be ineligible will be allowed to practice but not to participate in contests until eligibility status is restored.
    • For more information, see the complete LWSD Academic Eligibility Criteria.

    Purchase an ASB card

    All athletes must purchase an ASB card from the school at which they are participating in a sport prior to the specific sport season.

    Read the School Athletic Policy

    Request your school's Athletic Policy from the Athletic Secretary.

    Pay the participation fee

    Fees are collected on a per sport basis with both individual and family caps. The family caps will apply for brothers/sisters who attend the same school. Fees must be paid at the time of turnout and will be so noted on the clearance form approved by the school bookkeeper or secretary. Secondary school parents can pay student fees online.

    Parents of students who are unable to afford the fee should complete a Sports Fee Waiver Request Form and contact the coach or athletic director at their school.

    2018-19 Athletic Participation Fees

    High School

    • $200 per sport
    • $400 individual cap
    • $725 same school family cap

    Middle School

    • $75 per sport
    • $150 individual cap
    • $225 same school family cap

    100% refund will be provided under the following conditions:

    1. Student is cut from the squad by the coach
    2. Student quits due to illness or injury prior to first contest
    3. Student quits due to family moving prior to first contest

    Refunds must be requested prior to the end of the sports season.

    Fill out, sign and turn in all required forms

    High School Athletic Forms

    Middle School Athletic Forms

    Participation information for Choice School students

    Students who attend one of the LWSD Choice Schools may participate in athletic programs at their resident middle school or high school.

    If you have any additional questions, contact your school's Athletic Office for assistance.