TMS boys varsity basketball vs IMS

Since opening at the beginning of the school year, Timberline Middle School (TMS) has seen many firsts. First science lab, first assembly and even first varsity sports match in the gym.



    Summer Athletics

    Starting in Summer 2019, Lake Washington School District (LWSD) is offering summer athletics as part of its overall athletics programming. 

    Many of our high school students participate in athletic activities associated with their school during the months of June and July. WIAA allows for these activities (WIAA Rule: 17.10.0 – 17.10.5). Currently, coaches volunteer their time, or these activities are sponsored by booster clubs. There are varying practices in how these activities are both funded and organized, and LWSD has an interest in providing clarity to coaches, student-athletes and parents.

    Starting this year, LWSD will officially offer a summer athletic season that will compensate coaches for providing supervision, establish a system that ensures compliance with WIAA rules, ensure that team summer activities are carried out in a fashion consistent with the same standard of care as is applied throughout the school year, and ensure that all participants are medically cleared to participate. 

    The purpose of LWSD administering summer athletic activities are primarily two-fold. First, offering this program will increase the safety of student-athletes participating in school-sponsored activities during the summer by bringing the supervisory requirements and system in alignment with that of the systems used during the school year. Second, offering summer athletics will enable LWSD to retain high quality coaches and trainers by providing them compensation which recognizes the supervision and coaching that they provide to student-athletes during June and July.

    Visit the Athletics section of the LWSD website for information and documents needed to participate in Summer Athletics.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Athletics

    Are student-athletes required to participate in summer athletics?

    No, per WIAA rule and district guidelines, summer athletics are optional and cannot be a condition of being a member of a team during the regular sport season.

    Which summer athletic activities does this apply to?

    All summer activities held for a team would apply. Including: conditioning, weight room, practices, tournaments, camps, etc.

    How is this being funded?

    Students will register for “summer athletics” and will be charged a summer sport fee. The amount of the fee will depend on the “tier” selected by the individual program. $100 per student for Tier 1 (60 hours), or $50 per student for Tier 2 (30 hours).

    What if a student wants to participate in more than one athletic offering in the summer?

    Each activity would require its own participation fee.

    What if a student has already paid for two sports this school year, would summer be free?

    No, summer activities are optional activities and are funded independently from the regular season sports programs.


    District Athletic Contacts

    Director, Athletics & Activities
    John Appelgate, 425-936-1367

    Administrative Assistant:
    Cathryn Brown, 425-936-1254

    LWSD Transportation:
    Debbie Chavez, 425-936-1130
    (weekends: 206-648-6486)