Athletic Seasons

    2018-19 athletic season start and end dates

    Middle School Athletic Seasons

    New Seasons and a New Sport for Middle School Athletics in 2018-19

    Middle school sport seasons are changing for the 2018-19 school year so there will be at least one sport every season for every gender and every grade.

    • Season One, which runs from September 10 through October 26, will feature boys and girls cross country, boys tennis, and boys basketball.
    • Season Two runs from October 29 through December 21 and will include girls badminton and boys soccer.
    • Intramurals will be run at each school from January 7 to February 1. Specific activities for intramurals are determined by each school.
    • Season Three begins on February 5 and ends on March 29 with girls basketball, and boys and girls wrestling.
    • Season Four starts April 15 and concludes June 7 and consists of boys and girls track & field, girls volleyball, and girls tennis.

    These changes come from recommendations following a two-year study of the middle school athletic program which were informed by several student surveys. The study group was tasked with making recommendations to address equity in athletic programming, capacity issues with court sports, and transportation costs.

    Soccer is being added as a boys sport since boys are underrepresented in middle school athletics and the district has a responsibility under Title IX to take action to address equity in athletic programming.

    The four court sports were shifted to different season to increase capacity for those sports and to ensure that all grades can participate (currently sixth graders participate in basketball and volleyball in alternate seasons).

    Additionally, the new season schedule creates greater opportunity to align bus transportation between teams which will help to offset rising transportation costs.

    Each team will compete six times, except for track and cross country which have four competitions, plus a jamboree or culminating event.

    Students can register for fall sports when their middle school athletic office re-opens in August.

    2018-19 Middle School Athletic Program

    Redmond Middle School tennis player during a matchSeason 1: September 10 - October 26, 2018

    Boys/Girls Cross Country
    Boys Tennis
    Boys Basketball (new season)



    Finn Hill Middle School badminton player during a matchSeason 2: October 29 - December 21, 2018

    Girls Badminton (new season)
    Boys Soccer (new option)





    Rose Hill Middle School basketball player jumps to shoot ball among defenders during game

    Season 3: February 4 - March 29, 2019

    Girls Basketball (new season)
    Boys/Girls Wrestling



    Two Finn Hill Middle School girls run during track practiceSeason 4: April 15 - June 7, 2019

    Boys/Girls Track and Field
    Girls Tennis
    Girls Volleyball (new season)





    Middle School Intramural Schedule
    Sports determined by school
    January 7 - February 1, 2019

    High School Athletic Seasons

    Redmond High School volleyball team member hits the ball during a game with other team attempts to block itSeason 1: Fall
    Boys/Girls Cross Country: August 20 - October 27
    Boys Football: August 15 - October 27
    Boys Golf: August 20 - October 27
    Girls Soccer: August 20 - October 27
    Girls Slow Pitch Softball: August 27 - October 20
    Girls Swimming & Diving: August 20 - October 27
    Boys Tennis: August 20 - October 27
    Girls Volleyball: August 20 - October 27

    Juanita High School gymnast on balance beamSeason 2: Winter
    Boys/Girls Basketball: November 12 - February 2
    Girls Gymnastics: November 5 - January 26
    Boys Swimming & Diving: November 12 - January 26
    Wrestling: November 12 - January 26

    Redmond High School baseball player pitches during a gameSeason 3: Spring
    Girls Badminton: February 25 - May 4
    Boys Baseball: February 25 - May 4
    Girls Fast Pitch Softball: February 25 - May 4
    Girls Golf: February 25 - May 4
    Boys Soccer: February 25 - May 4
    Girls Tennis: February 25 - May 4
    Boys/Girls Track: February 25 - May 4

    District Athletic Contacts

    LWSD Athletic Office Administrator: Matt Gillingham, 425-936-1289

    Athletics & Title IX Specialist: John Appelgate, 425-936-1367

    Administrative Assistant: Cathryn Brown, 425-936-1254

    LWSD Transportation: Debbie Chavez, 425-936-1130 (weekends: 206-648-6486)