Lake Washington School District holds an open enrollment period once each year for parents who want their children to attend a school other than their neighborhood school. Parents may apply between February 1-28 for a change to the school assignment for the 2019-20 school year for their student in grades 1-12.



    Athletic Contacts

    Athletic directors, coordinators and secretaries at each school

    Middle School Athletic Contacts

    Evergreen Middle School logo

    Evergreen Middle School
    Athletic Director: Zac Dowling, 425-936-2320
    Athletic Secretary: Kathleen Nilsen, 425-936-2320

    Finn Hill Middle School logo

    Finn Hill Middle School
    Athletic Director: Michael Minerich, 425-936-2340
    Athletic Secretary: Sandra Stephens, 425-936-2340

    Inglewood Middle School logoInglewood Middle School
    Athletic Director: Heather Tracy, 425-936-2360
    Athletic Secretary: Sue Bangasser, 425-936-2360

    Kamiakin Middle School logo - Cougar PrideKamiakin Middle School
    Athletic Director: Lele Teo, 425-936-2400
    Athletic Secretary: Lisa Hocking, 425-936-2400

    Kirkland Middle School logoKirkland Middle School
    Athletic Director: Terry Higbee, 425-936-2420
    Athletic Secretary: Karla Parker, 425-936-2420

    Redmond Middle School logoRedmond Middle School
    Athletic Director: Rathan Mahendran, 425-936-2440
    Athletic Secretary: Shirley Poblete, 425-936-2440

    Rose Hill Middle School logoRose Hill Middle School
    Athletic Director: Shane O'Brien, 425-936-2460
    Athletic Secretary: Kristen Love, 425-936-2460

    High School Athletic Contacts

    Eastlake High School logoEastlake High School
    Athletic Director: Pat Bangasser, 425-936-1500
    Athletic Coordinator/Secretary: Amy Hill, 425-936-1500

    Juanita High School logo - JHS Crest with Eagle on top, says Juanita High School
    Athletic Director: Rob Luckey, 425-936-1606
    Athletic Coordinator/Secretary: Kristine Blanch, 425-936-1673

    Lake Washington High School logo - with Kangaroo, says Lake Washington High School
    Athletic Director: Rick O'Leary, 425-936-1700
    Athletic Coordinator/Secretary: JoDee Hull, 425-936-1700

    Redmond High School logoRedmond High School
    Athletic Director: Dan Pudwill, 425-936-1800
    Athletic Coordinator/Secretary: Nicole Showalter, 425-936-1800

    District Athletic Contacts

    LWSD Athletic Office Administrator:
    Matt Gillingham, 425-936-1289

    Athletics & Title IX Specialist:
    John Appelgate, 425-936-1367

    Administrative Assistant:
    Cathryn Brown, 425-936-1254

    LWSD Transportation:
    Debbie Chavez, 425-936-1130
    (weekends: 206-648-6486)