Don’t Dis My Ability

October is Disability Awareness Month. Kacey McCallister speaks to students to give the opportunity to see people who are different from them as having unique abilities, rather than a disability.



    Athletic Contacts

    Athletic directors, coordinators and secretaries at each school

    Middle School Athletic Contacts

    Evergreen Middle School logo

    Evergreen Middle School
    Athletic Director: Zac Dowling, 425-936-2320
    Athletic Secretary: Kathleen Nilsen, 425-936-2320

    Finn Hill Middle School logo

    Finn Hill Middle School
    Athletic Director: Michael Minerich, 425-936-2340
    Athletic Secretary: Sandra Stephens, 425-936-2340

    Inglewood Middle School logoInglewood Middle School
    Athletic Director: Heather Tracy, 425-936-2360
    Athletic Secretary: Sue Bangasser, 425-936-2360

    Kamiakin Middle School logo - Cougar PrideKamiakin Middle School
    Athletic Director: Lele Teo, 425-936-2400
    Athletic Secretary: Lisa Hocking, 425-936-2400

    Kirkland Middle School logoKirkland Middle School
    Athletic Director: Terry Higbee, 425-936-2420
    Athletic Secretary: Karla Parker, 425-936-2420

    Redmond Middle School logoRedmond Middle School
    Athletic Director: Rathan Mahendran, 425-936-2440
    Athletic Secretary: Shirley Poblete, 425-936-2440

    Rose Hill Middle School logoRose Hill Middle School
    Athletic Director: Shane O'Brien, 425-936-2460
    Athletic Secretary: Kristen Love, 425-936-2460

    High School Athletic Contacts

    Eastlake High School logoEastlake High School
    Athletic Director: Pat Bangasser, 425-936-1500
    Athletic Coordinator/Secretary: Amy Hill, 425-936-1500

    Juanita High School logo - JHS Crest with Eagle on top, says Juanita High School
    Athletic Director: Rob Luckey, 425-936-1606
    Athletic Coordinator/Secretary: Kristine Blanch, 425-936-1673

    Lake Washington High School logo - with Kangaroo, says Lake Washington High School
    Athletic Director: Rick O'Leary, 425-936-1700
    Athletic Coordinator/Secretary: JoDee Hull, 425-936-1700

    Redmond High School logoRedmond High School
    Athletic Director: Dan Pudwill, 425-936-1800
    Athletic Coordinator/Secretary: Nicole Showalter, 425-936-1800

    District Athletic Contacts

    LWSD Athletic Office Administrator:
    Matt Gillingham, 425-936-1289

    Athletics & Title IX Specialist:
    John Appelgate, 425-936-1367

    Administrative Assistant:
    Cathryn Brown, 425-936-1254

    LWSD Transportation:
    Debbie Chavez, 425-936-1130
    (weekends: 206-648-6486)