School Hours

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Changes to school start times for 2023-24

The School Start Time Committee's recommendation has been adopted for implementation beginning with the 2023-24 school year.

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By state law, every public school must be in session for 180 days a year or more and hold classes for a specific number of hours total. The district determines the calendar of days schools are in session, in conjunction with the Lake Washington Education Association, which represents teachers. After the calendar is set, each school determines the school day schedule. The number of hours in each school day must add up by the end of the year to the total required by the state, or more.

The specific school hours also have to work for the transportation department, which must coordinate bus transportation for all schools.

The school schedules for every school in the district are listed below. The regular start and end times for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are included, along with the different schedule that is followed on Wednesdays.

View half-day dismissal days and times.

School schedules for 2023-24