Physical Education Credit Options

    Group of PE students filling out questionnaire.

    To earn a high school diploma, students must earn two health and fitness credits. 1.5 credits represent the fitness portion of the requirement, and are met by course work in physical education (PE). The other .5 credit is met by taking a health course.
    Lake Washington School District recognizes the importance of the development of healthy habits that include physical fitness and emotional well-being and provides a variety of classes to fulfill the 1.5 credit fitness requirement. A full list of health and PE classes being offered is available on each school’s website.
    There may be special circumstances where a student may have an alternative option to meet this requirement. Students must fill out the Appendix E of the graduation policy and have it approved by a principal or designee to be eligible to use one of the options. These alternative PE options are available beginning in the students 11th grade school year.

    Special Circumstances to Access these Alternative Options:

    In accordance with RCW 28A.230.05, individual students may be excused from participating in physical education (PE) otherwise required on account of physical disability, employment, or religious belief, or because of participation in directed athletics or military science and tactics or for other good cause. Students must fill out Appendix E of the graduation policy and list the special circumstance that applies.

    Alternative Options

    Fitness Knowledge Assessment

    The Fitness Knowledge Assessment will be offered to students beginning in the students’ 11th grade school year. Students will have six opportunities to take the fitness test before their graduation date. The 2019-20 Fitness Assessment dates are TBD.

    Directions to sign up and prepare for the Fitness Knowledge Assessment:

    1. Complete the form that is Appendix E of the graduation policy and submit to principal or designee for approval.
    2. Register for the fitness assessment at the student’s school.
    3. Take the completed Appendix E form to the testing session.
    4. Download and study the following documents:
      1. High School Fitness Assessment and Plan Study Guide
      2. Copies of the Five for Life fitness curriculum may also be reviewed at the LWSD Resource Center Curriculum Library.

    Students who do not meet proficiency (a score of 3 or higher in each of the measured standards) may retake all, or part of the assessment.

    Directions for Assessment Day:

    1. Bring Picture ID (students without ID will not be allowed to take the assessment).
    2. Bring any score report (s) from previous assessments, if applicable.
    3. Arrive 15 minutes before the assessment is scheduled to start.
    4. Plan transportation for after the assessment, most students finish before the 3 hour allotted time.

    Fitness Plan

    The Fitness Plan will be offered to students beginning in the students’ 11th grade school year. Students choosing the Fitness Plan option will complete a substantial written assignment that covers similar content as the Fitness Knowledge Assessment. Students will have three opportunities to submit a Fitness Plan during the 2018-19 school year. Students can access and submit their Fitness Plan on the dates listed below. Directions for turning in the Fitness Plan to are available on the Fitness Plan Document.


    2019-20 Fitness Plan dates are TBD.

    Students who do not meet proficiency (a score of 3 or higher in each of three parts) may revise all, or part of the plan, during the next submission window.