High Schools

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High Schools

There are four neighborhood high schools in the district. In addition, five choice high schools serve specific needs and interests, including academic rigor, an increased pace of study, vocational programs and project-based learning.

For school enrollment numbers, please visit the enrollment report page.

EHS logo: wolf headEastlake High School

400 - 228th Avenue NE, Sammamish 98074
Grades 9-12

  • Students develop the intellectual strength and character necessary for future success
  • Teachers engage and challenge students through well-designed instruction
  • Literacy, math, science and world language labs support students in meeting high expectations
  • Thriving programs in Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Wellness and Career and Technical Education
  • Integrated programs in Grades 9-11 Humanities and Grade 9 Health and Fitness
  • Successful athletics, ASB clubs and Servant Leadership program
  • Honors pathway for students in grades nine and 10
  • 23 AP and UW in the High School classes in math, science, computer science, humanities, world language and art

Emerson High School logo: dragon headEmerson High School

10903 NE 53rd Street, Kirkland 98033
Grades 9-12
Not lottery based.

Contact school for more information.

  • Maximum 130 students, grades 9-12
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Standards-based grading/credits
  • Eight session calendar
  • Opportunity for independent study coursework
  • Full access to Running Start and WANIC skills programs for 11th and 12th graders
  • Personalized learning plans are provided for each student
  • Grading scale is A-B-C-No Credit
  • Night school attendance opportunities
  • Instruction provided using LWSD curriculum and state standards
Emerson K-12 logo

Emerson K-12

10903 NE 53rd Street, Kirkland 98033
Grades K-12
Choice school, not lottery-based

Contact school for more information.

Mission statement: Emerson K-12 is a community of families working in collaboration with the Lake Washington School District to ensure that each student will be prepared to lead a rewarding, responsible life as a contributing member of our community and greater society. 

Overview: Emerson K-12 is a Parent Partnership Program (PPP) designed to engage families interested in being active partners in their child(ren) instruction. Core and enrichment/elective classes are generally offered two days per week, with parents delivering instruction on the other days in partnership with certificated staff. Each student has an individualized learning plan that meets LWSD and state standards. We operate under the Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) part of Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 392.550. Many high school students also participate in WANIC, Running Start and/or their neighborhood school’s academic program. Our small size allows us to focus on individual student needs – and be responsive with interventions and/or accelerations as needed.


Futures School logo: white bird on black backgroundFutures School

10601 NE 132nd Street, Kirkland 98034
Grades 9-12
Not lottery based.

Visit Juanita High School website for more information.

ICS logo: Phoenix covering a globeInternational Community School

11133 NE 65th Street, Kirkland 98033
Grades 6-12
Choice school, lottery-based 

Mission statement: International Community School cultivates integrity, curiosity, complex reasoning, problem solving, and global awareness in every student with a rigorous, signature program of arts and sciences. 

Overview: The school’s focus is on six core integrated content areas with an emphasis on depth of understanding and interconnected learning: humanities, international studies, art, science, mathematics and foreign language. ICS emphasizes global awareness and having the capacity to incorporate the attitude, knowledge, and skills necessary to feel empathy for the human condition all over the world while acknowledging our perspective as one among many, realizing how we impact and are impacted by larger systems.


JHS Ravens logo

Juanita High School

10601 NE 132nd Street, Kirkland 98034
Grades 9-12
Neighborhood high school 

Mission statement: Students, staff, parents, and community working together will provide our students the opportunity to learn and use their minds well and develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become life-long learners, responsible citizens, informed decision-makers, and competitive workers in the global economy. 

Overview: The tradition of JHS is based on a strong sense of community. The school’s culture is based on the core values of personal integrity, a strong work ethic and a professionally collaborative environment. The atmosphere is personalized so that students of all levels and needs can find a home in our school. Juanita offers a blend of Advanced Placement and college preparatory coursework, including courses sanctioned by the University of Washington and the University of Cambridge. We also use safety net programs, when needed, to help ensure the high school graduation and academic success of each student. 

Cambridge Program at Juanita High School

10601 NE 132nd Street, Kirkland 98034
Grades 9-12
Choice school, lottery-based 

Overview: The Cambridge Program at Juanita High School provides rigorous academic curriculum and assessment administered by the University of Cambridge in England, with an emphasis on development of higher-order thinking skills, problem solving, investigative and research skills. The Cambridge Program provides a rich, collaborative environment in which scholarship is the norm, with a focus on transition to competitive post-secondary institutions. Examinations in mathematics & sciences, languages, arts & humanities, and global perspectives lead toward the globally recognized Advanced International Certificate of Education.


LWHS logo: kangaroo, the words Lake Washington High School

12033 NE 80th Street, Kirkland 98033
Neighborhood high school 

Mission statement: Each child, every day, connected and belonging in our community. 

Overview: LWHS continues to grow and develop to ensure graduates are prepared for post-secondary success. In addition to the regular academic program offerings, the school offers a rigorous advanced academic curriculum. Students can take advantage of Honors, Advanced Placement, University of Washington in the High School, CTE Dual Credit (earning college credit while enrolled in classes at LWHS). They can also access full or part-time Running Start and WANIC classes. 


RHS logoRedmond High School

17272 NE 104th Street, Redmond 98052
Grades 9-12
Neighborhood high school 

Mission statement: The mission of Redmond High School is to cultivate the potential and celebrate the strengths in each student, to help every student welcome challenge and use them as a catalyst for growth, and to prepare all students to embrace their role as members of their local and global community. 

Overview: Redmond High School believes in helping all students to feel prepared and empowered. We strive to do this through thoughtful and intentional collaboration between students, teachers and families as we build shared expectations and values for activities, athletics and academics. Students can take advantage of Honors courses, Advanced Placement courses, UW in the high school (where students earn college credit while enrolled in classes they take at Redmond High School), full or part-time enrollment in Running Start, College in the High School and WANIC classes. Our school culture is based on the pillars of honor, excellence, respect and diversity, and we proudly display our motto: One Herd, One Home. 


Tesla STEM HS logo

Tesla STEM High School

4301 - 228th Avenue NE, Redmond 98053
Grades 9-12
Choice school, lottery-based 

Mission statement: Each student will graduate prepared to lead a rewarding, responsible life as a contributing member of our community and greater society. 

Overview: Tesla STEM High School is a science, technology, engineering and mathematics high school that uses problem-based learning to prepare students for future STEM professions. Students enroll in, on average, six science courses and four math courses for high school. Engineering and technology are integrated into all grade level classes throughout their four years at Tesla STEM. A key academic feature frames the first two years of a student’s experience where they are immersed in an integrated science, engineering and humanities sequence. The focus is on the students’ development of multiple skills, including conducting authentic research, working with primary source documents and developing scientific investigations. Students also learn to understand and apply the engineering design process. In their junior and senior years, students work in a STEM Lab Concentration and/or STEM Pathway, conducting inquiry and research, exploring questions of their own, and championing their own ideas to the level of publication and/or production.


WANIC logo: blue square that says WANIC on top of green squareWANIC (Washington Network for Innovative Careers)

Office: 11605 - 132nd Avenue NE #A108, Kirkland 98034
Full year: grades 11-12
Summer semester: grades 9-12
Choice school, not lottery-based 

Mission statement:

  • Ensure student access and opportunities, while promoting equity and diversity in programs 
  • Provide highly challenging, relevant, specialized courses and programs 
  • Maintain and expand business and industry partnerships and connections 

Overview: WANIC Skill Center offers high-quality, tuition-free technical and professional training for high school juniors and seniors. These year-long, advanced-level Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are based on rigorous academic and industry standards and prepare students for career and college readiness. WANIC programs offer dual credit opportunities (both high school and college credit) and/or lead to industry certifications. Programs are designed in three period blocks allowing extended time to not only learn the theory of a subject, but to also get authentic hands-on lab experience. All classes earn Occupational/Career & Technical Education high school credits and may offer other course equivalencies towards high school graduation requirements. WANIC operates as a cooperative consortium of seven local school districts. WANIC serves as a branch campus of all area high schools providing programs that would normally not be offered in every comprehensive high school due to high operative and equipment costs or not enough student enrollment at the school.


Recent High School News


Lake Washington School District (LWSD) students had another successful showing at this year’s Washington Technology Student Association (TSA) state competition. About 200 students finished in the top three during the March 13-16 event.

Kisa Dupe and Kennedy Roberts Horace Mann book drive

Two students hosted a story time event followed by a successful book drive through a nonprofit called “Brown Kids Read.” Kisa Dupe, a senior from Redmond High School (RHS), and Kennedy Roberts, a junior from Tesla STEM High School, joined forces to diversify literature for elementary readers at Horace Mann Elementary.