My Stop App

Transportation has a new tool that allows you to view the estimated time of arrival for your bus. Download the Versatrans My Stop app for Apple or Android.

GPS technology allows families to approximate the location of their school buses and the estimated time of arrival for a specific stop. (Data on the app refreshes every 5 minutes.) It is possible that your bus could arrive at the stop before the estimated arrival time because of the time it takes the system to refresh. As a reminder, buses are subject to early or late arrivals based on several factors including traffic, stop lights, inclement weather and more.

We always encourage riders to arrive at their stop at least five minutes early to ensure getting on the bus.

Due to the time variance on Wednesday or any early release day our bus tracking app does not work. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

View My Stop information in web browser instead of app*

*How to log in to My Stop:

  • Username: Family ID (from Skyward)
  • Password: Student's date of birth. Example: 01/21/2005  =  01212005


Logging into the app

  1. Download the app. Versatrans My Stop is available for Apple or Android.
  2. Open the app and select Lake Washington School District from the dropdown menu. Tap “OK.”
    screenshot of app
  3. Login to the app. Your Family ID can be found in Skyward Family Access under the Student Info tab or under the Family tab in the Skyward mobile app.

Locating Family ID in Skyward website

Family ID in Skyward

Locating Family ID in Skyward mobile app

Skyward Family ID in Skyward App steps 3&4
Skyward Mobile App Family ID steps 1 and 2
  1. Username: <Family ID> Password: <Student birthdate>
    You will use your numerical Student ID number for the username your child's date of birth (Month-Day-Year) for the password to login. You can change the password once you are logged into the program. 
    My Stop login screenshot
  2. Families with multiple students only need to log in to one student’s account to access all students’ information.
  3. Tap “Login.” You should see your student’s name appear. If there is more than one student in the family, tap on the name displayed and additional students will display.
  4. Once logged in, families will see a green line that represents the school bus route; a red dot that represents the student's designated stop; and a yellow arrow that represents the bus route/direction. Users are able to zoom in and out, and change the display of the map.