School bus

The current School & Bus Finder link is accurate for the 2023-24 school year. Middle school boundaries in the Lake Washington High School feeder pattern are changing for the 2024-25 school year. If you live in the boundary for Kirkland Middle School or Rose Hill Middle School according to this link, please contact Transportation for assistance in determining which school you will attend.

Special Education students will receive a phone call from their child’s bus driver prior to school start, informing them of busing information for the year.

Phone: 425-936-1120

*For Kindergarten, select "KD" from grade dropdown.

Riding the bus

The Lake Washington School District provides transportation services to students who live outside a one-mile radius from their school of residence. However, if the district has assessed the walk routes and found no safe paths within that one-mile radius, exceptions may be made.

Within a school’s boundary:

  • Elementary students are encouraged to walk up to one and a half miles to school.
  • Middle and high school students can walk up to two miles.

Students whose walk distances exceed these limits are eligible for bus service. These guidelines are used to establish all walk boundaries for the Lake Washington School District. 


Contact Us

Jon Kollman
Director of Transportation Services

Bus stop questions
If you have a question about a bus stop, contact the Transportation Department at 425-936-1120 or

Calls and emails are prioritized and responded to as soon as possible. Please note that the Transportation Department receives a high volume of calls and emails at the beginning of the school year. We appreciate your patience as we respond as quickly as possible.