TMS boys varsity basketball vs IMS

Since opening at the beginning of the school year, Timberline Middle School (TMS) has seen many firsts. First science lab, first assembly and even first varsity sports match in the gym.



    Student Learning

    Students learn about sustainability through instruction on conservation and natural resources in science, social studies and other areas.

    Community partners also provide assistance. For example, the King County Green Schools Program provides assistance, educational resources and recognition for schools. Sustainability Ambassadors inspires students to initiate sustainability goals in their communities and measure performance along the way.

    King County Green Schools in LWSD

      Sustaining Green School Level Three Green School Level Two Green School Level One Green School Initial Program Entry
    Adds at least one new conservation practice or education strategy each year        
    Adds pollution prevention education and actions      
    Adds energy conservation education and practices    
    Meets waste reduction and recycling criteria  
    Working to achieve Level One status

    Green Schools

    Elementary Schools
    Rosa Parks Earth Day 2019

    Level Three
    Green Schools

    Middle Schools
    • Environmental & Adventure School
    • Renaissance School of Art & Reasoning
    High Schools

    Level Two
    Green Schools

    Elementary Schools
    • Wilder (past participant)
    Middle Schools
    High Schools

    Level One
    Green Schools

    Elementary Schools
    • Baker
    • Bell 
    • Blackwell 
    • Carson
    • Dickinson/Explorer 
    • Franklin
    • Juanita
    • Keller 
    • Kirk
    • Mann
    • Mead
    • Rosa Parks
    • Twain
    Middle Schools
    • Evergreen 
    • Finn Hill
    • Kirkland
    • Redmond
    High Schools

    Initial Program Entry

    Elementary Schools

    • Alcott
    • Lakeview
    • Muir 
    • Rockwell 
    • Rose Hill 
    • Rush 
    • Thoreau
    Middle Schools
    • Rose Hill
    • Stella Schola
    ICS tree planting
    Students separating food waste, garbage and recycleables after lunch

    School Sustainability Efforts

    Rosa Parks Earth Day 2019

    Students in Lake Washington School District are learning how to protect the environment, beginning at their own schools. Schools and PTSAs planned special Earth Day events to teach students good habits they can use throughout the year.