Future Chef Competition

Fourth and fifth-grade students from 14 LWSD schools participated in the 12th Annual “Future Chef” Competition on March 6.



    Student Learning

    Students learn about sustainability through instruction on conservation and natural resources in science, social studies and other areas.

    Three ladies working with laptops and paperCommunity partners also provide assistance. For example, the King County Green Schools Program provides assistance, educational resources and recognition for schools. Sustainability Ambassadors inspires students to initiate sustainability goals in their communities and measure performance along the way.

    King County Green Schools in LWSD


    Initial Program Entry

    Schools that have joined the program and are working to achieve Level One status


    Level One
    Green Schools

    Schools that met waste reduction and recycling criteria

    Level Two
    Green Schools

    Schools that maintained Level
    One practices and added energy conservation education and practices

    Green Schools

    Schools that maintain Levels One and Two, and add at least one new conservation practice or education strategy each year

    Elementary Schools
    • Juanita Elementary
    • Lakeview Elementary
    • Muir Elementary
    • Rockwell Elementary
    • Rose Hill Elementary
    • Thoreau Elementary
    Middle Schools
    • Rose Hill Middle School
    Elementary Schools
    • Blackwell Elementary
    • Carson Elementary
    • Franklin Elementary
    • Keller Elementary
    • Kirk Elementary
    • Mead Elementary
    Middle Schools High Schools


    Elementary Schools
    • Wilder Elementary (past participant)
    Middle Schools
    • Environmental & Adventure School
    • Inglewood Middle School
    High Schools
    Elementary Schools
    • Sandburg Elementary and Discovery Community School


    Students separating food waste, garbage and recycleables after lunch

    School Sustainability Events

    Small steps make large impact during Energy Awareness Month

    We can do more together than we can apart. This is especially true in the quest for sustainable schools and communities. Learn how Lake Washington School District students, staff, parents and community members worked together in October for Energy Awareness Month.

    Less plastic waste, healthier oceans

    After students at Mann Elementary learned how much plastic ends up in the ocean, and the harmful effects it has on marine life, they tried not to use single-use plastic for 30 days. In culmination of the school’s efforts, students attended an assembly by “Ocean” Annie Crawly on June 8, World Oceans Day.