Resource Conservation

In 2006, the district adopted a resource and utility management program focused on conservation and cost savings. While our student enrollment and facilities square footage have grown significantly, we continue to reduce utility costs through proactive management. The powerED Performance Dashboard helps LWSD identify low-cost and no-cost ways to:

  • Conserve energy and water
  • Reduce waste
  • Educate students and staff to save energy
  • Use sustainable building and maintenance practices

Login to the PowerEd Performance Dashboard
Password: Lwsd#414

Resource conservation management activities in LWSD

Recycle symbol

Electricity and natural gas symbols

Water symbol

Receive assistance, tools and recognition from King County Green Schools
"Right size" dumpsters and hauling
Use durable cafeteria materials

Align occupancy schedules
Standardize temperatures
Regulate break schedules
Optimize controls
Leverage capital projects and maintenance practices

Reduce irrigation
Install high efficiency plumbing fixtures
Use low water cleaning procedures

Impact of resource conservation program

2006-07 through 2021-22 school years

$18.4 million cumulative utility savings
37% natural gas reduction
80% irrigation water reduction; 30% domestic water reduction
30% electricity reduction
70% reduction of waste cost per student served