School Counseling

School counselors help to support students’ college and career readiness, academic achievement, and social emotional growth.

Counselors collaborate with teachers, staff, parents and the larger community to:

  • Identify ways to enhance student access to learning opportunities
  • Advocate for the physical and emotional safety of students at school and at home
  • Offer school-wide instruction to students in the skills needed to be successful, productive members of a diverse community.

The efforts of the school counseling program are guided by the following values


Counselors' efforts are strengthened by working with teachers, families, administrators and community organizations.

Learning Focused

The counseling program strives to remove barriers to students’ opportunities for academic and personal success.


Counseling programs aim to recognize and respond to students as individuals with their own strengths, goals and areas of need.


Counselors ensure that all students know who the counselor is and how to access their support.


Counselors serve as leaders within the school community on behalf of all students.


Counseling programs prioritize resources to maximize impact using tiered service delivery.