Healthy Youth Survey

Healthy Youth Survey gathers information on student behaviors and risks

Results of the Healthy Youth Survey are used to support our youth and reduce their risks. Every two years, school districts around the state survey students in grades six, eight, ten, and twelve on a wide variety of health topics. The survey is sponsored by the Department of Health, the Family Policy Council, and other state agencies. It asks questions that are related to students' risk of injury, health and alcohol and drug use.

Because the same survey has been administered over time, changes in attitudes and/or patterns of behavior can be observed. Any differences between school or district results and state results may also emerge.

Survey results are used by schools, the district, communities and the state and local health departments to plan and to evaluate programs to support our youth and to reduce their risks.

King County school district health profiles.

Survey Results



If you have any questions about the purpose of the survey or survey procedures, please call the HYS toll-free number: 1-877-HYS-7111, or email Additional contact information can be found at Contact Us.

Additional information about the Healthy Youth Survey can be found at About HYS.