SETT Framework

When choosing Assistive Technology (AT) tools for students, the LWSD AT team uses the SETT (Student, Environment, Tasks, Tools) Framework created by Joy Zabala. In the SETT framework:


The Student component looks at the student's strengths, challenges, preferences and interests.




Looks at the environment and settings the student is working to access, participate and grow in. It also considers what supports are already in place, and what barriers the student might be facing.


The Tasks component takes a look at what the student needs to complete or do.





The student, environment and tasks components are considered first. After considering these factors, the AT team looks at the Tools the student has previously used.

After considering all items in the SETT Framework, Assistive Technology tools can be selected to meet the student's need to perform a specific task.

"The goal of the SETT Framework is to help collaborative teams create Student-centered, Environmentally-useful and Tasks-focused Tool systems that foster participation and achievement."

Joy Zabala

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