Getting Started with Assistive Technology

How can the Assistive Technology Team help my student?

Consult and work with school staff to consider student's AT needs.

Assistive Technology (AT) Process in LWSD

Icon of three peopleIf a barrier is identified for a student with a disability, the IEP or 504 team collaborates to meet the need and overcome the barrier. A need could be supported by many solutions, including:

  • Modifications and accommodations
  • Assistive technology tools and supports
  • Related services
  • Specialized instruction

Meeting iconIf AT supports are needed, the IEP team requests a consultation from the Assistive Technology Specialists.

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The IEP team and AT Specialists work together using the SETT framework to decide which tools could best support the student

Laptop iconOnce a potential tool is identified, an AT trial can begin. An AT trial includes the following:

  • IEP team or AT Specialists locate and deliver designated tool
  • IEP team introduces tool to the student (AT specialists are available to support).
  • The IEP team monitors the use and impact of the tool.
    • If the tool is successful, the trial can move to full implementation and is documented in the IEP or 504 plan.
    • If the tool is not successful, the IEP and AT teams look at other potential supports or tools and conduct an AT trial with the new tool.

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The AT Specialists work with IEP teams, providing training and follow-up support throughout the process.

Elementary student works on assistive technology computer

How can the Assistive Technology Team help my student?

The Assistive Technology Team will:

  • Consider students' AT needs
  • Recommend tools and strategies to support and improve student learning
  • Select, fit, customize, maintain, repair or replace assistive technology tools
  • Provide training and ongoing support for students, families and staff
  • Provide professional development opportunities for staff
  • Provide technical support and troubleshooting for AT tools
  • Maintain current knowledge in best practice strategies, tools and services
  • Disseminate AT information and resources