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    Project Updates

    Middle school teachers begin building school culture to nurture student success

    The new middle school at Redmond Ridge opens in one year. A planning team of 15 teachers have started preparing for that first day. The school will accommodate up to 900 students when it opens in fall 2019.

    In August, planning staff received their first tour of the school. Throughout the year, staff will meet to develop the school's culture. This early work will support students’ academic needs. It will also nurture social and emotional skills.

    The planning principal, Heidi Paul, is working closely with the construction team and is providing feedback throughout the process. Staff are discussing logistics such as student drop-off and brainstorming strategies to keep teachers connected.

    The building is designed with the needs of community users in mind. Restrooms are strategically placed within public areas of the school and gymnasium for easy access. The future running track and grass field are taking shape on the south end of the property.

    Where will my student attend middle school?

    The 2019-20 middle school boundary map for the Redmond Learning Community was approved by the school board in November 2017 as part of the LWSD Boundary Committee’s final boundary recommendations. Download the map.

    2019-20 Middle School Boundary Map - Redmond Learning Community

    New Middle School – Redmond Ridge August 2018 updates

    Exterior of new middle school under construction

    • Exterior and interior brick veneer is complete, as well as metal siding at classroom wing.
    • Window framing is progressing on the classroom wing.
    • Paving of the student drop-off loop and the basketball court is scheduled for mid-August.
    Inside the new middle school: Planning principal gets first look

    The gymnasium is far from finished. But it’s easy to imagine the students who will assemble there for physical education classes, assemblies or sporting events. The new middle school at Redmond Ridge will have a capacity for up to 900 students.

    Planning Principal talking with construction program manager.Planning Principal Heidi Paul got her first tour of the new middle school at Redmond Ridge in May. From the library on the second floor, she had a view of the commons taking shape below.

    The school (both inside and outside) will be lit with energy-efficient LED lights.

    Under the future play field, geothermal well drilling is complete. Geothermal technology is a sustainable way of maintaining temperatures inside the school. Water in the pipes warms (or cools) underground before returning to the surface. The heat is extracted to help control the temperature inside.

    The new middle school will open in fall 2019.

    May 2018 updates at new middle school in Redmond Ridge

    Collage: Insulation, exterior and concrete for ball wall.

    • Insulation and GreenGirts are going in at the new middle school. GreenGirts are sustainably made with recycled glass. Girts fit in between wall panels to help reduce heat transfer between the building’s interior and exterior.
    • Work is progressing on the middle school’s three classroom levels, including the installation of exterior siding and window glass.
    • Concrete walls were poured for the playground’s ball wall and the service yard, where vehicles can load and unload.

    Aerial Photos

    Photo credit: Tim Rice Photography

    Drawings and site plans

    Project Information

    The Long-Term Facilities Task Force project recommendations included a new middle school in the Redmond Learning Community to help accommodate the district’s growing enrollment in that area.

    Architect: McGranahan Architecture
    Contractor: Lydig Construction
    Location: Redmond Ridge Drive NE and NE 99th Place, Redmond Ridge
    Square Footage: 134,000
    Capacity: 900 students
    Spaces: 24 standard classrooms, instrumental and vocal music, special education, art, lab science, CTE, library, cafeteria/commons with stage, and gymnasium
    Estimated Project Cost: $77,592,000 (Includes construction costs of $47.6 million in 2016 dollars, $22.8 million in non-construction costs, and $7.2 million in expected construction inflation).
    Planned opening: September 2019
    Neighborhood boundaries: Boundaries will be developed in a process including public feedback during the 2017-18 school year.

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