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In early returns on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, Lake Washington School District’s Capital Projects Levy was passing at a rate of 53.95 percent.



    Health Services

    Nurse smiling up at student in the health room

    EpiPen Notice: Life-Threatening Allergies

    Please be aware of the continued shortage of EpiPen’s in Washington state. If your child requires epinephrine due to a life-threatening allergy, secure the medication as soon as possible for the 2019-20 school year.  We do not want to interrupt the learning environment due to missing required medications and forms.  

    Contact your pharmacist and health care provider with any questions regarding your child’s medication.

    The manufacturer of EpiPen, Mylan, may also be able to help you locate medication. The manufacturer’s phone number is 1-800-796-9526.

    Reminder: If your student has a life-threatening medical condition, rescue medication, signed orders, and an Individual Health Plan must be returned to your student’s school by August 26, 2019. If the school does not have these items, your student will be excluded from attending class. Please contact your school nurse for more information. See below for a list of school nurses and email addresses.

    Reminder: One dose of Tdap vaccine is required by state law to attend middle school and high school. If you have not provided the Tdap immunization information to your middle school or high school student, please do so immediately. View LWSD immunization information.

    Committed to the health and wellness of our students

    Lake Washington School District is committed to the health and wellness of our students. Each school has a registered nurse available to provide a range of services. At the beginning of each year nurses collect student health information to plan for needs during the school day.

    School nurses strive to ensure all students can fully participate in educational programs. This starts with daily attendance and includes being well-rested, well-fed, and ready to learn. Our goal is for all students to be successful in school.

    School Nurses

    Lake Washington School District (LWSD) nurses practice professional nursing and provide school health services designed to:

    • Promote health and safety
    • Intervene with actual and potential problems
    • Provide education and case management services
    • Actively collaborate with students, families, communities, school staff and district employees

    Names and contact information for the nurse at each school are listed below.
    You can contact the nurse at your child’s school by calling the main office.

    Marika Brady
    Redmond Elementary
    Rush Elementary
    Transition Academy

    Cindy Carpenter
    Clara Barton Elementary
    Horace Mann Elementary
    Juanita Elementary & Preschool

    Lisa Dermody
    Carson Elementary & Preschool
    Inglewood Middle School

    Mihaela Dobre
    Baker Elementary
    Mead Elementary
    Smith Elementary

    Caerissa Fawkes
    Bell Elementary & Preschool
    Redmond Middle School

    Annette Fechenbach
    Audubon Elementary
    Emerson Campus
    Franklin Elementary
    Northstar Middle School

    Jessica Gordon
    Keller Elementary
    Muir Elementary
    Thoreau Elementary

    Claire Goveia
    Blackwell Elementary
    McAuliffe Elementary & Learning Center

    Jennie Harkestad
    Community School
    International Community School
    Kirk Elementary
    Lakeview Elementary

    Nancy Johnson
    Alcott Elementary
    Explorer Community School
    Tesla STEM High School

    Stacey Jones
    Frost Elementary
    Kamiakin Middle School

    Arianna Katir
    Rockwell Elementary
    Rose Hill Middle School
    Stella Schola Middle School

    June Link
    Eastlake High School
    Renaissance School of Art & Reasoning

    Val Martin
    Futures School
    Juanita High School

    Gretchen Paulovich
    Dickinson Elementary & Preschool
    Evergreen Middle School

    Keturah Romer
    Lake Washington High School

    Elaine Sheppard
    Einstein Elementary
    Rosa Parks Elementary
    Wilder Elementary

    Trish Simpson/Allison Terwilliger
    Kirkland Middle School
    Rose Hill Elementary
    Twain Elementary

    Miranda VanFossen
    Redmond High School

    Karen Walker
    Discovery Community School
    Environmental & Adventure School
    Finn Hill Middle School
    Sandburg Elementary & Preschool