More than 4,100 distinguished students recognized nationwide

Redmond, Wash. – The National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) announced this week that one additional Lake Washington School District (LWSD) student will receive a National Merit College-Sponsored Scholarship:

Kevin Zhang, Nikola Tesla STEM High School - National Merit Purdue University Scholarship 

A group of freshman from Nikola Tesla STEM High School is helping kids with Cerebral Palsy move around a little easier. As part of their end of year project, this team partnered with a program by the name of Go Baby Go

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Dozens of LWSD students earned their way to the 2021 International Career Development Conference (ICDC), which was held virtually in late April and early May. Of that group, about 30 students competed as finalists and two students placed as high as third.

LWHS Science Labs

Why is slime stretchy? How do chickens flap their wings? 

With these questions in mind, two science classes at Lake Washington High School celebrated the last week of school by setting up lab experiments. The labs also gave students a chance to use the new equipment in two of the school’s 20 new classrooms.



    Wellness - Healthy Meals

    Farmers markets set to open with new guidelines
    Redmond Saturday Market

    You will be able to get your local produce and goods, this season, at local farmers markets. Two are set to open this week with new guidelines to ensure safety.

    Kirkland Wednesday Market’s opening day is June 3. The market will be open Wednesdays from 3-7PM. New rules include:

    • Stay six feet away from others
    • Wash or sanitize hands before entering
    • If you’re sick, stay home
    • Only two people per household
    • Wear a mask
    • •Food consumption is not allowed

    Sammamish Farmers Market is opening June 3 at a new location, The Red Barn Farm. The market will be open 4-8PM on Wednesdays with two options: Walk-Thru or pre-order and Drive-Thru. Please review their What to Expect page, for detailed information. 

    The Redmond Saturday Market is set to open for its 45th year, on Saturday July 4 from 10AM-2PM. To meet safety requirements, the market has moved to Overlake Christian Church on Willows Road in Redmond, where they have room for all 100 vendors. Keep up to date on their website, where you can also sign up for email notices.

    • Healthy Meals
    Make the most of your pantry by meal planning
    Healthy meals

    The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ website, eat right, has many resources on taking care of your health through food and nutrition. While practicing safe stay-at-home measures, meal planning can help ensure you have what you and your family need. It also can help reduce overspending and unnecessary food stockpiling. 

    Consider the following meal planning tips:
    •    Before shopping, see what you already have at home.
    •    Practice “first in, first out” rule to eat the oldest food before newer items.
    •    Create menus around foods you have on hand.
    •    Choose recipes for the week that incorporate overlapping ingredients. 

    For more tips, visit:

    • Healthy Meals
    Five ways to support a nutritious diet
    Healthy meals

    UNICEF offers tips on easy, affordable and healthy meals during the COVID-19 outbreak. While ready-made and processed foods may be a quick and low-cost way to feed the family, there are convenient alternatives. Consider the following five ways to help provide a varied and nutritious diet.

    1. Keep up fruit and vegetable intake
    2. Swap in healthy dried or canned alternative when fresh produce is not available
    3. Build up a stock of healthy snacks
    4. Limit highly processed food
    5. Make cooking and eating a fun and meaningful part of your family routine.

    Check out the article for more detailed information on implementing each of these tips.


    • Healthy Meals