Old Redmond Schoolhouse

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Project Updates

flowers in front of Old Redmond Schoolhouse

In May, LWSD announced that additional work would be needed to ensure Old Redmond Schoolhouse is secure from moisture before it opens for preschool programs. This additional maintenance includes:

We anticipated the opening of ORSH for the start of the 2019-20 school year. ORSH is being re-designed as an Early Learning Center with the capacity for 10 classrooms. ORSH, built in 1922, is a beautiful building in the heart of downtown Redmond.

After transitioning the building back from the City of Redmond, work began in the fall of 2018 on the interior remodel. One of the challenges when remodeling an older, historic building is the potential to uncover additional work that needs to be done once you begin to remove walls and ceilings. In early spring, the contractor for the project, Lydig Construction, let the district know that it believed additional maintenance was required on the building exterior including rooftops, exterior brick and mortar, and window casings to ensure the building was secure from moisture. 

Our capital projects team obtained outside third-party analysis to confirm the necessary work to be done and the timeline needed to complete the work. Due to the additional time required to complete the work, we have determined that we need to postpone the opening of ORSH until Fall 2020.

The preschool programs that were scheduled to move to Old Redmond Schoolhouse will remain at Dickinson Elementary for the 2019-20 school year.

Project Information

Front entrance of the Old Redmond School House

The Old Redmond Schoolhouse, which opened in 1922, is located on the Redmond Elementary Campus. The building, which previously served as an elementary school, has been leased to the City of Redmond since 1997 and is used as a community center.

The Long-Term Facilities Task Force recommended the district reacquire the school and make renovations so that it can be used for preschool classrooms. The old school can’t be used for K-12 classrooms, as the district previously received state funding to replace the building when the new Redmond Elementary project was completed.

Architect: McGranahan Architects
Contractor: Lydig Construction
Location: 16600 NE 80th St, Redmond
Square Footage: 40,000
Spaces: 10 preschool classrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria/commons
Estimated Project Cost: $7,837,000 (Includes construction costs of $4.8 million 2016 dollars, $2.3 million in non-construction costs, and $.7 million in expected construction inflation)
Planned opening: 2020

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Building Condition/Current Situation
The district preschool programs include serving student ages 3 to 5 years old that qualify for Special Education. Students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are also served in Head Start and Ready Start programs. Additional preschool spots are made available for a fee on a space available basis. These programs are currently being offered in some elementary schools. They serve students from several neighboring elementary school boundaries.

Upgrading the Old Redmond Schoolhouse facility and using it for preschool classrooms would free up classrooms now used to house preschool at elementary schools. Those classrooms would be able to accommodate additional elementary students.