Rebuild and Enlarge Kamiakin Middle School

Kamiakin is our oldest middle school facility, originally built in 1974. A rebuilt school could add permanent capacity for up to 330 students and would be completed in 2029. All renderings are proof of concept and may not reflect the final design.

Construction phase one: Pre-Design

Project Updates

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Levy will focus on replacing four aging schools and upgrading/modernizing the fieldhouse and community pool at Juanita High School.

Redmond, Wash. – At the May 20, 2024, Board Meeting, Lake Washington School District proposed a Building Excellence Capital Construction Levy ballot measure for the November 5, 2024, election.


On January 24, the School Construction Input Team (SCIT) at Evergreen (EMS) and Kamiakin (KaMS) Middle Schools met with the capital projects team to continue work for future plans of their school campus projects.

Construction Update Phase 2

At the November 20 School Board Study Session, Associate Superintendent Barbara Posthumus, Superintendent Holmen and Executive Director of Support Services Brian Buck shared an update to Phase 2 of the Building Excellence Plan.

Project Information

This project will rebuild and enlarge Kamiakin Middle School. The Facility Advisory Committee recommended this project. 

Location: 14111 – 132nd Avenue NE, Kirkland, WA 98034 
Built: 1974 
Architect: Mithun  
Contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis  
Square Footage: 134,000 
Capacity: 900 students  
Permanent Capacity Add: 330 students   
Spaces: 24 standard classrooms, instrumental and vocal music, special education, art, lab science, CTE, library, cafeteria/commons with stage, and gymnasium 
Estimated Project Cost: $174.0 million 
Planned opening: 2029 

Remodel vs. Rebuild 
A remodel vs. rebuild study concluded that rebuilding a new school would be more cost-effective than remodeling and enlarging the existing school. A new building would bring the entire school under one roof and limit access points to enhance safety. 

State construction assistance 
Due to its age, the school is eligible for state funds for renovation or replacement. The amount the district expects to receive in State Construction Funding Assistance for this project is TBD. 

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