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Lake Washington School District is home to families with origins from around the globe. With hundreds of languages spoken in the homes of our students, communication between school and home can easily become a barrier that inhibits the necessary partnership between guardian and educator to support the needs of the child. This Language Access Service portal is here to help break through that barrier and guide our families to the resources they need to have successful communication with the district.

Why do we provide these services?

According to state and federal law, schools must communicate information to linguistically and culturally diverse parents in a language they can understand about any program, service or activity that is called to the attention of parents who are proficient in English. 

Review the “Parent’s Rights to Translation Services” fact sheet so you know your rights.

Contact Us

If you are in need in need of language access services, please first contact your school to see if they can help you with your situation.

If they are unable to help or direct you to the district office, please reach out to:

Virginia Ramirez Romero