Winter Olympics – Middle School Style

While most of the world eagerly waits for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics to begin tonight, LWSD middle school students are focused on a competition of their own. Inglewood, Evergreen, Finn Hill, Kamiakin and Redmond Middle Schools are competing in the Middle School Winter Olympics throughout February.

Police Chief for a Day – a first grader’s dream come true

Bryce Stubblefield, a first grade student at Twain Elementary School, wants to be a police officer when he grows up. And his dream is about to come true! The City of Kirkland Police Department chose Bryce to be their 2018 Police Chief for a Day.



World Language Credit Options

Students studying together in a classroom.Students are required to graduate with two credits in a World Language. Students have two options if they wish to pursue an alternative to the required two World Language credits: A student may elect to pursue credit in areas other than world language if the choice is based on a career-oriented course of study identified in the student’s High School and Beyond Plan. Students also have the option of pursuing competency/proficiency credit by participating in a “World Language Assessment Day.” Students complete an assessment and receive a certificate of recognition signed by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and the State Board of Education (SBE), with a cover letter indicating proficiency levels attained in the tested language and high school credit equivalencies based on the state’s recommendations for competency-based credits.

Alternative Options

1. Alternative courses based on career plan

A student may elect to pursue credit in areas other than World Language if the choice is based on a career-oriented course of study identified in the student's High School and Beyond Plan. They will still need to earn both credits, in alternate courses.

To use this option, the student's parent / guardian must agree that credit in another area is more appropriate than World Language because it better serves the student's career goals. A meeting must be held with the student, the parent / guardian or designee, and a high school representative to discuss and sign a form (Request for Alternatives to World Language Courses). The form acknowledges they understand the World Language requirement is a college-entrance requirement and that they believe the other course selections are more appropriate, given the student's education and career goals.

2. World Language competency/proficiency credit

Students may develop world language skills in many ways. They may use another language at home, attend language programs in the community, learn language skills online or spend time living abroad. Students who have achieved some proficiency in a world language may seek to earn credit by taking an assessment that measures their proficiency.

Students who wish to pursue this option must sign up to participate in "Washington World Language Assessment Days." Through this state-sponsored program, students complete an assessment. If they demonstrate at least a Novice Mid proficiency level, they receive a certificate of recognition and a letter indicating proficiency levels and high school credit equivalencies.

The district will award one or more credits according to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Proficiency Guidelines, as follows:

  • Novice Mid - 1 credit
  • Novice High - 2 credits
  • Intermediate Low - 3 credits
  • Intermediate Mid - 4 credits

The maximum number of credits that may be awarded for this option is four.

World Language competency credit assessment
The Lake Washington School District will offer five testing opportunities for 9th-12th grade students in 2017-18.

How does it work?
Information for Students and Families
Step 1: Register
Remaining test dates for the 2017-18 school year:

Step 2: Prepare for the test
After you sign up for the test, go to the test company's website to review the format of the assessment.

Step 3: Take the test

  • For the STAMP test: bring your photo ID, fully charged laptop, and laptop charger.
  • For the ALTA test: bring your photo ID and a black pen.
    *We will schedule the interview portion for a later date at your home school.

Step 4: Get the results
In four to six weeks you will receive the testing results with an official rating and up to four credits.