LWSD bus driver puts students first during smoke scare

Wade Minor, Lake Washington School District bus driver, acted quickly when smoke appeared in the back of the bus. Minor was transporting approx. 20 students when a mechanical issue forced him to pull over the afternoon of Sept. 6.



    Graduation Requirements

    To earn a Lake Washington School District diploma, students graduating in 2016-2018 must earn 22 credits. Students graduating in 2019 must earn 24 credits. Each credit is equivalent to a full year class. These credits must be distributed among different subject areas, as shown in the "credit requirements at a glance" chart below. The requirements are different for classes graduating in 2016-2018 than for the class of 2019.

    Credit Requirements at Glance

    Classes of 2016-2018

    • Language Art 4.0
    • Science 2.0*
    • Mathematics 3.0**
    • World Languages (same language) 2.0***
    • Social Studies 3.0
    • Arts 1.0
    • Physical Education (P.E.) 1.5^^
    • Health 0.5
    • Occupational/Career & Technical Education 1.0
    • Electives 4.0

    Total 22.0

    Class of 2019

    • Language Art 4.0
    • Science 3.0^
    • Mathematics 3.0+
    • World Languages (same language) 2.0^^^ (2 can be PPR)
    • Social Studies 3.0
    • Arts 2.0^^^ (1 can be PPR)
    • Physical Education (P.E.) 1.5^^
    • Health 0.5
    • Occupational/Career & Technical Education 1.0
    • Electives 4.0

    Total 24.0


    * At least one laboratory science

    ^ 2.0 lab science, 1.0 non-lab science

    ** Typically, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II. A student may elect to pursue a third credit of high
    school-level mathematics other than Algebra II, under certain conditions

    +Algebra I, Geometry and a third credit of high school mathematics aligning with a student's interests and High School and Beyond plan.

    *** A student may pursue alternate course work, other than World Language, under certain conditions.

    ^^ A student may request to be excused from P.E. under certain conditions, per state law and district policy.

    ^^^ Personalized Pathway Requirements (PPR) are related courses that lead to a specific post-high school career or educational outcome chosen by the student based on the student's interests and High School and Beyond Plan, that may include Career & Technical Education, and are intended to provide a focus for the student's learning.

    4-year planners
    Students trying to figure out how to meet the credit requirements and take the electives they want may be puzzled as to how to fit it all in. Here are some examples that show ways to fit in combinations of courses that meet some specific needs: Sample 4-year plans.

    Physical Education and World Language options
    In two subject areas, world language and physical education, there are alternatives available to meet those credit requirements. The 1.5 credit physical education requirement may be met by demonstrating proficiency in the knowledge portion of this requirement through participation in a district-approved and administered assessment. Go to the Physical Education Credit Options page for more information on this option.

    For world languages, students in the class of 2016 and beyond may earn a credit based on their performance on an assessment if they have language skills developed at home, through language programs in the community or online, or time spent living abroad. Students may also elect to pursue credit in areas other than world language if the choice is based on a career-oriented course of study identified in the student's High School and Beyond Plan. Go to the World Language Credit Options page for more information on this option.

    Washington State History
    The state requires students to take and pass Washington State History to graduate. That requirement is completed in eighth grade. The school documents the fulfillment of this requirement by posting on the transcript "WA HIST REQ MET NC 0.0."

    Students who attended eighth grade in another district in this state or another state and did not meet the requirement will need to work with their counselor on a plan to complete this requirement before graduation. The only exception is for students who moved to the district in 11th and 12th grades. They should work with their counselor to complete a waiver form. They will not be required to take Washington State History.

    Credit Requirements for the Class of 2019 and Beyond
    The state Career and College-Ready Graduation Requirements take effect with the class of 2019. The table above shows the current district credit requirements for the classes of 2016-2018 and the new credit requirements beginning with the class of 2019.

    The 24-credit framework is designed to be both rigorous and flexible. The pathway for most students will keep all post-secondary options open, including meeting the college admission requirements for entry into a public four-year institution or pursuing a program of study in a two -year institution or apprenticeship. The framework is flexible enough to accommodate a program of study leading to a professional or technical certificate or degree through a skills center or Career and Technical Education program.

    Key elements of the framework that allow for flexibility include:

    • Seven (7) of the 24 credits are flexible credits; these include 4 elective credits and 3 Personalized Pathway Requirements that are chosen by students based on their interest and their High School and Beyond Plans.
    • Seventeen (17) of the 24 credits are mandatory core credits, including 3 credits of science, 2 of which must be lab science.
    • Two (2) of the flexible credits may be waived locally for students with "unusual circumstances," as defined by local district policy.