2015-16 High School Math Adoption Committee Meeting Summaries

February 17, 2016
The High School Math Adoption Committee reviewed effective practice research that will be used to create rubrics to evaluate curriculum next year. Members considered information from the following reports:

The committee continued a discussion of how standards rubrics will be used to evaluate the alignment of curriculum with the Washington State Mathematics Standards. At our next meeting the committee will finalize the effective practice and standards alignment rubrics that will be used next year.

January 5, 2016
The High School Math Adoption Committee met for a full day to continue learning about effective practice for high school math instruction, and to review Common Core State Standards. During the meeting, committee members read sections from Principles to Actions that described eight research-based mathematics teaching practices.

In February 2016, committee members will continue to review effective practice research in order to begin developing rubrics to evaluate curriculum materials next year. The High School math committee will make a recommendation for the adoption of High School materials and resources by May of 2017.

November 5, 2015
High school teachers, administrators, parents, and community members met for a full day on in November. At this first meeting, committee members were provided with an overview of the curriculum adoption process, including the timeline for the work of the committee over the next two years. The group then began to learn about effective instructional practice for high school math. They will be using this learning to develop best practice checklists (rubrics) that will be used to review math materials next year. A recommendation for high school math materials is scheduled for the spring of 2017.