LWHS Science Labs

Why is slime stretchy? How do chickens flap their wings? 

With these questions in mind, two science classes at Lake Washington High School celebrated the last week of school by setting up lab experiments. The labs also gave students a chance to use the new equipment in two of the school’s 20 new classrooms.



    2014-15 6-8 Science Adoption Committee Meeting Summaries

    November 13, 2014
    On November 13, committee members continued learning about the Next Generation Science Standards by analyzing a middle school science lesson. Committee members also began developing “best instructional practice” and science standards checklists (rubrics) that will be used next year to analyze materials.

    October 3, 2014
    Middle school science teachers, administrators, and parents met for a full day on October 3, 2014 to learn more about the Next Generation Science Standards and best instructional practices for 6-8 science. They will be using this learning to develop alignment and best practice checklists (rubrics) that will be used to review science materials next year. A recommendation for 6-8 science materials is scheduled for the spring of 2016.