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The Teaching and Learning Department provides leadership for standards-based teaching and assessing in district schools to increase student access and engagement, close achievement and opportunity gaps, and support student learning and success.

Department staff members coordinate the implementation of standards, and the adoption, development, integration, and implementation of curriculum aligned to standards.

Current List of Adopted Curriculum

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K-5 Math Curriculum Adoption - June 2021

We are excited to announce that the Board approved the K-5 Math Adoption Committee’s recommendation to adopt Illustrative Mathematics (IM) as our new comprehensive core curriculum! Adoption and implementation of these resources and the associated instructional strategies will be deeply and positively impactful for our students and support our district goals of deep and inclusive learning, high achievement and equitable outcomes for all students. We want to thank the 53 committee members for all their time and hard work over the past two years. This was a huge undertaking, and especially challenging in a pandemic, and their deep commitment to high quality instruction, student learning and equity was inspiring and resulted in this exciting next step.

K-5 Math Curriculum Adoption - April 2021

In the fall of 2019, a K-5 Math Adoption Committee, composed  of K-5  teachers, specialists, administrators, and community members was formed to evaluate our adopted K-5 math curriculum. The Committee determined that new K-5 math curriculum is necessary to support the highest level of student learning in Lake Washington School District. The committee has been using our formal adoption process to provide a recommendation to the Lake Washington School Board for new K-5 math curriculum to be implemented in fall 2021.

We hosted an online Community Information Night for K-5 Math on April 28th from 6:00 – 7:00 pm.  At this meeting, we shared an overview of the adoption process, provided details and access for the two curricula being piloted, and offered an opportunity for community members to review and give input on the potential materials.

A recording of the meeting can be viewed below:

Community information night recording | Community information night presentation | K-5 curriculum adoption FAQ