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Building on Success: Year in Review 2020

School openings looked a little different in 2020. Grand Opening celebrations with students have been postponed, but Lake Washington School District staff and students with special needs are enjoying their new spaces for teaching and learning. Enjoy these images from our new schools and construction projects.

Steel installation at Rose Hill Elementary

The pace of change at three elementary school additions increased in November
and December. Steel installation at the three schools, a major milestone in the
construction process, is complete. Construction on exterior walls will begin this winter. See more photos.

concrete at LWHS auxiliary gym

Construction began this fall on the LWHS auxiliary gymnasium as part of the school’s core expansion to accommodate our growing student population. The auxiliary gym will allow the school to offer more PE classes, provide more spaces for sports teams to practice and hold games, and will provide additional recreation space for our community.

Program Revenues and Program Expenditures

We are so pleased that all our bond projects are now completed and ready for students. We want to thank the community for their continued support in building needed classroom space. While spending will still occur over the next year as we close out the projects, the charts below show planned 2016 bond program revenues and expenditures compared to current receipts and spending. Of the total planned revenues and expenditures of $434 million has been received to date. Of the total planned revenues and expenditures of $434 million that has been received to date, the district has spent $409 million.

Program Revenues and Program Expenditures

The district completed a Limited General Obligation bond sale in May 2020 for $75 million in order to front-fund the these critical capacity projects. Bonds will be paid back with the levy proceeds that are collected over the next six years. Program spending picked up over the summer as the LWHS addition was completed; elementary exterior cameras were installed; and elementary additions and entry control projects began. Of the total planned expenditures of $144 million, $33 million has been spent.

exterior, science classroom, shared space

Teachers with new classrooms in the Lake Washington High School addition spent time in August unpacking boxes and preparing their classrooms. Students at Lake Washington High School had a chance to see inside the new wing and meet some of their teachers during textbook and supply pickup. The new 20-classroom addition includes...

ORSH Preschool

Staff cheered on September 14 as the first preschool student walked confidently into the Early Learning Center at Old Redmond Schoolhouse. It is the first time in more than 20 years that Lake Washington School District has held classes in the building. After a remodel, approved by voters in 2016, the 98-year-old historic building...

Looking up at second floor commons

When students return to Lake Washington High School, they will notice a brand new space as they climb the main staircase. A second floor above the main level of the commons will provide expanded seating for students during lunchtime. The new space, which was constructed during the summer, gives students a bird’s-eye view toward the window in the commons area.

courtyard, exterior, culinary classroom

Construction activities in our final phase at Juanita High School are nearly complete. Interior painting is in progress and furniture is being set up in all the classrooms. Site activities such as paving and landscaping will continue in preparation for the fall opening of Juanita High School Phase 2.