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girl smiling and holding wires

During a recent lab in Greg Shelton’s material science class at Juanita High School, students turned borax and wires into glass using fire. One student admired the resulting designs and colors of the glass balls at the end of the copper and nichrome wires.

JHS Phase 2, which marked the completion of the rebuild and enlarge project, opened in Fall 2020. Phase 2 includes Career and ...

Lake Washington School District (LWSD) is receiving $127,531 from the Washington State Department of Commerce. The grant funds will help replace HVAC controls at five elementary schools, retrofit athletic field lighting at LWSD’s four comprehensive high schools and install heat pumps at the LWSD Support Services Center.
The Department of Commerce announced the grants on May 20, 2021 as part of $4 million in awards to make

exterior and interior classroom

Painting has begun inside the eight-classroom addition at Rose Hill Elementary. Finishing touches on the roof include soffit and fascia cladding to help protect the building from wet weather and installation of gutters and downspouts.
Exterior siding is complete and most of the work is now happening inside of the building. Sliding doors are being installed that will connect classrooms to shared instructional areas and the installation of casework is scheduled to begin soon.
The addition is scheduled to open in September.

library and classroom

Door-frame installation and interior painting has begun in the four-classroom addition at Mark Twain Elementary School. Cabinets and other interior finishes have begun to arrive.
At the relocated library, drywall is nearly complete and painting is underway. Installation of windows and siding began this month. The relocated covered-play area is in place and will continue to receive finishing details this spring.
The addition is scheduled to open in September.

new tennis courts and fields

At Juanita High School, the softball, baseball, and multipurpose fields are being upgraded to a new synthetic turf surface. The underground stormwater detention system is complete and the softball field is beginning to take shape as fencing and curb installation is underway for all fields. Track and Field participants in the discus, shotput and javelin will also have new throwing cages and landing areas south of the stadium.

The new tennis courts west of the Fieldhouse are ready for competition this spring. The full project...

exterior siding, concrete block, interior drywall

A total of eight new classrooms at Benjamin Franklin Elementary are receiving window frames and glass this month. On the exterior, concrete block installation is ongoing and exterior siding has begun. Inside, drywall installation is nearly complete and interior finishes will begin soon.
The addition is scheduled to open in September.

Exterior glass and brick

The roof installation at Lake Washington High School auxiliary gymnasium is complete, protecting the building from rain and other weather. Exterior walls, including brick, concrete masonry, and the glass/aluminum wall system are installed, which will allow interior construction to progress. Circular solar tubes reflect light into the gym naturally during the day. Installation of interior building systems – including electrical, data, plumbing and mechanical – is in progress. The gym is scheduled to open in fall 2021.

JHS field progress

The softball, baseball and multipurpose fields at Juanita High School are being upgraded to a synthetic turf surface. The full project is scheduled to be complete by this summer.
Grading for the new tennis courts is now complete and concrete is scheduled for later in February. The tennis courts are expected to open for student use in March, and to be fully complete by May 2021. These improvements are being funded by our 2018 Capital Projects Levy and 2016 Bond program.

LWHS gym construction

The auxiliary gymnasium construction is on schedule at Lake Washington High School. An expanded locker room was completed in December in the main gymnasium next door in order to provide

Twain addition construction

Inside Mark Twain Elementary, the former library is transforming into four new classrooms and a shared learning space. Outside, a new library is taking shape. Steel was completed in December and utility installation has begun. The library addition will soon have a roof to keep it dry during interior construction activities.

Watch this slideshow of steel installation at the three Kirkland elementary school additions:

Franklin Elementary construction

Two pods of four classrooms at Benjamin Franklin Elementary will soon blend in with the rest of the school as block installation is completed. Inside the eight-classroom addition, installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems has begun. After roofing is complete to protect the building from moisture, work on interior classrooms will go into high gear.
The project reached a milestone in December when crews completed steel installation. Watch this slideshow of steel installation at the three Kirkland elementary school additions.

Construction at RHE

Since late November, when workers completed steel installation, the exterior view of the addition at Rose Hill Elementary has been changing rapidly. The project will add eight classrooms to the school. Inside the addition, interior framing has begun and the addition will soon have a roof to keep out the rain.
Watch this slideshow of steel installation at the three Kirkland elementary school additions:

high school entrances

Visitors to LWSD’s high schools will now enter directly into the main office, thanks to funding from the 2019 capital projects levy. The modifications will increase security at three schools that required modifications. The modifications incorporate the entry control system found at other LWSD entrances.
Modifications at Lake Washington High School were completed in the fall and construction on the Redmond High School entrance was completed this winter. Construction at Eastlake High School is scheduled to be complete in fall 2021.

2 aging schools

After more than a year of work, the LWSD Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) addressed the Board on January 25 during its regular meeting. The FAC was tasked with making recommendations to accommodate the District’s rapid enrollment growth and continue to provide quality learning environments. The Board will use the recommendations to determine next steps, which could include sending a funding measure to voters in 2022.
You can see the final recommendations report and the FAC’s presentation to the Board here:

Building on Success: Year in Review 2020

School openings looked a little different in 2020. Grand Opening celebrations with students have been postponed, but Lake Washington School District staff and students with special needs are enjoying their new spaces for teaching and learning. Enjoy these images from our new schools and construction projects.

Steel installation at Rose Hill Elementary

The pace of change at three elementary school additions increased in November
and December. Steel installation at the three schools, a major milestone in the
construction process, is complete. Construction on exterior walls will begin this winter. See more photos.

concrete at LWHS auxiliary gym

Construction began this fall on the LWHS auxiliary gymnasium as part of the school’s core expansion to accommodate our growing student population. The auxiliary gym will allow the school to offer more PE classes, provide more spaces for sports teams to practice and hold games, and will provide additional recreation space for our community.

Program Revenues and Program Expenditures

We are so pleased that all our bond projects are now completed and ready for students. We want to thank the community for their continued support in building needed classroom space. While spending will still occur over the next year as we close out the projects, the charts below show planned 2016 bond program revenues and expenditures compared to current receipts and spending. Of the total planned revenues and expenditures of $434 million has been received to date. Of the total planned revenues and expenditures of $434 million that has been received to date, the district has spent $409 million.