The lists are out and Lake Washington School District (LWSD) musicians are major players for this year’s musical honor groups. On even school years, the Washington Music Educators Association (WMEA) choses students from across the state from Middle School to High School to participate in WMEA State Honors Music Groups. Sixty-nine high schoolers and 55 middle schoolers come from LWSD schools this year.

Teacher Appreciation

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! We want to recognize and honor all our outstanding teachers who are the heart and soul of education. Thank you, teachers, for working hard each and every day to elevate our students to become successful in school and beyond. We celebrate you today and every day!



    Two LWSD-based teams to compete at state LEGO competition

    LWSD at lego state competition 2022

    There are only winners when teams show up to the FIRST ®LEGO® League (FLL) Challenge state championship each year, and 2022 will be no different. Two teams made up of students from Lake Washington School District will be there on Saturday, February 12 to show their skills. 

    FLL teams build LEGO-based robots to complete set missions, but they must also take part in an innovation project which involves research and outreach in the community. The challenge this year is titled Cargo Connect. 

    Here are the team members who are competing in the FIRST ®LEGO® League (FLL) Challenge Washington state championship from our district:


    • Aayush Shah, 5th grade, Alcott Elementary School
    • Tarini Pohuja, 6th grade, Evergreen Middle School
    • Satvika Kannappan, 5th grade, Blackwell Elementary
    • Raunak Dinesh, 5th grade, Alcott Elementary School
    • Anay Deb, 5th grade, Alcott Elementary School
    • Rithesh Rajagopal, 5th grade, Alcott Elementary School

    Iron robots

    • Suhasini Prakash, 6th grade, Timberline Middle School
    • Sarayu Sekaran, 6th grade, International Community School
    • Arushi Prashil, 6th grade, Timberline Middle School
    • Paarth Nathani, 6th grade, Kamiakin Middle School
    • Rhea Gupta, 5th grade, Einstein Elementary
    • Siddarth Shankar, 6th grade, Redmond Middle School

    Have more information about other LWSD student First LEGO League teams going to state? Let us know: