More science, please – Redmond High School hosts middle school Science Olympiad for the third year

    Science Olympiad logo

    Redmond High School (RHS) science enthusiasts hosted a virtual Science Olympiad for middle school students. The RHS Science Olympiad club hosted the third annual B-division invitational in the “Mini Science Olympiad” virtual format on February 5. The Redmond Invitational is set up to help middle school students practice for their events for the 2021-22 competition season. The event was run by RHS students with the help of some advisors and volunteers.

    RHS Science Olympiad Club

    The invitational had 36 teams from 14 different schools. Several Lake Washington School District middle schools participated, but there were also a few other schools from outside of the district including schools from New York and California. 

    Medals went out to participants who finished in the top three of each event. There were nearly 25 different events at the competition. Some of the event categories included anatomy and physiology, biology process lab, codebusters, experimental design, solar system and many more. 

    The award ceremony for this event can be found here